Chuck Schumer CAUGHT Drinking With Alex Soros, Then Everyone Saw What Is On Their Faces

Everybody, brace yourselves for what you’re about to read.

You ever hear the phrase a picture worth a thousands words?

Well, this is a picture worth thousand criticisms.

According to our source Liberty WritersSenate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer met up for a friendly chat with Alex Soros, son of the powerful leftist billionaire George Soros. Oh yes. On Friday afternoon, the multi billionaire’s son posted a photo of him and Schumer, having a drink, on his Instagram account. Soros, posted the following caption:

“Always great to catch up with Senator Chuck Schumer who has seized the moment as the head of the Democrats in the Senate and masterfully helped preserve the assault on our nations values and democracy. Thank you Chuck!” You can see the post below!

Now you might be thinking, what is a powerful politician doing having drinks with a rich playboy like Alex Soros. Don’t let their goofy-looking faces confuse you, this is no ordinary meeting. Are you familiar with the fact that according to finance records in 2016 Alex Soros has donated over 4.5 million dollars to Democratic campaign committees? Oh yes.

As the Daily Caller informs us, numerous powerful Democrats including Minority Leader Schumer himself, U.S. Representative Keith Ellison, former Senator Russ Feingold as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. However, 127,800 dollars of that money was received by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and another sum of 133,400 dollars went to the Democratic National Committee Services Corp.

Yes, that is a lot of money. As an addition, it has come to our attention that Alex Soros also funds the activist organization Black Lives Matter or BLM, Occupy Wallstreet and Antifa.

One more thing. Is it just me or does Chuck Schumer look a bit more than tipsy in the photo? I mean, don’t get me wrong he can do what ever he pleases while off duty, but at least have some dignity and not show it on camera. Where are your morals Schumer?

Scroll down and leave a comment below, telling us what you think of Alex’s new Instagram post!


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