Gloria Allred Does It Again – Latest “Shattered Woman” Performance Targets Roy Moore

Democrat operative Gloria Allred has found another one of her patented “abused woman” accusers to use to go after a high profile Republican, Judge Roy Moore. It’s the same as…

By Rick Wells

It’s Summer Zervos all over again, the exaggerated, Chuck Schumer tears, the theatrical pauses between every few words, Gloria Allred sitting in her lap staring like a vulture into her ear canal. The song’s the same, just the performer and the target have changed.

Naturally Allred couldn’t recycle Zervos through with a new accusation against Roy Moore. She needed a new “victim.” Somehow she was able, from California, to hook up with the Alabama waitress willing to accuse a Republican Senate front-runner of forced fondling and battery despite the statute of limitations having run out long ago. What’s in it for Allred on a case that can’t be brought?

This “shattered and battered” woman, Beverly Nelson, is another “Allred girl” claiming to only be coming forward because of her civic duty. She held a press conference where she, in typical “nervous little girl” character, used short sentences with none of those big words grownups use, and leveled serious charges against her alleged attacker from forty years ago.

She said, “I was working at the restaurant and my shift ended at ten o’clock when the restaurant closed. It was, it was a cold night,” she says as she wipes her dry nose with a tissue, “and I went outside to wait for my boyfriend to pick me up and drive me home. My boyfriend was late and Mr. Moore exited the restaurant at the same time as I did.”

“He noticed that my boyfriend was not there and he offered me a ride home. I trusted Mr. Moore because he was the District Attorney. I thought that he was simply doing something nice by offering to drive me home.”

She then goes through the script, half to a third of a line at a time, wiping her dry nose repeatedly with the stage tissue Allred provided. She presents herself as the still-emotionally shattered victim of a horrific experience that is being portrayed as if it were an attempted rape.

While such conduct is inappropriate, if it happened, and probably a crime, the “if” is what is the main issue. Is it attempted rape when a simple refusal to participate resulted in him driving away? Cars during the seventies had the little door lock knobs that you pulled up or pushed down on the top of the door. If he locked it they’re easy to find and unlock as well, but she said she was trapped. If his hands were busy being somewhere they didn’t belong, wouldn’t she be able to unlock the car?

She never does say how she got home that night, if her boyfriend eventually showed up and if he did why she never mentioned the “horrific experience” to him or anyone else. If he didn’t show up would she not have some choice words for the boyfriend who “allowed it to happen?” If Moore tried to pull her shirt off she must have certainly been disheveled in her appearance. Did she not go back into the restaurant to report it or at least tidy up her appearance? Why not call her boyfriend from inside or better yet, wait inside out of the cold?

If there were customers just leaving, as Moore supposedly was, a restaurant still has a lot of after shift work to be done. Why did she not report the incident to anyone inside then or the next day when her neck was supposedly showing bruising? What about the next time Moore came into the restaurant? Was there an incident when she had to serve his table?

There’s a lot of holes in her story and the delivery is pretty shaky.  One would think with the frequency of Allred gravitating to this type of client and all of the ambulance chaser’s Hollywood connections, that at least one of them would be an acting coach.

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