‘Republican’ Senator Jeff Flake Would Vote for a Democrat Over Roy Moore

by WARNER TODD HUSTON 14 Nov 2017Washington D.C.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, the retiring Republican from Arizona, said he would vote for a Democrat over Republican candidate Roy Moore who is running for the Senate in an Alabama special election.

“If this choice is between Roy Moore and a Democrat, a Democrat, for sure,” Flake toldreporters on Monday of his feelings about the Alabama candidate suffering a series of charges that he sexually harassed several young women over 40 years ago.

“I would literally — if I were in Alabama — I would run to the polling place to vote for the Democrat,” Flake added.

The Arizona Senator also reiterated that sentiment on Twitter.

Flake, of course, does not have a vote in the matter since he is not a voter in Alabama. And soon he won’t have a say in the very body that Roy Moore might be joining because Flake announced he is retiring from his own Senate seat.

Flake also insisted that he would back a move to have Moore expelled from the U.S. Senate even if he wins the election.

“I don’t think it will get to that, but if it does, yes,” Flake said of a move to refuse to allow Moore to take a seat in the upper chamber.

But, even if Moore steps aside and quits the race, Alabama election law does not allow for the Republican Party to replace a candidate this late in the race.

Meanwhile, as Flake attacks the morality of a Republican Senate candidate, he has been mysteriously silent on the case of Democrat Senator Robert Menendez who has been fighting public corruption charges for some time, now.

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