Franken Lectures on Female Health…

At a confirmation hearing for HHS nominee Alex Azar, Senator Al Franken focused on women’s issues as allegations of sexual misconduct swirl around him.

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) spent much of his time at a confirmation hearing for President Trump’s Health and Human Services nominee Alex Azar lecturing the nominee and the Trump administration on issues pertaining to “women’s health.” The senator has been accused of multiple instances of sexual harassment in recent weeks.

Franken spent more than four minutes of his time questioning the nominee on women’s contraception, criticizing the Trump administration’s approach to the issue.

The senator asked Azar if he would guarantee that all women would have access to free contraception, and the nominee responded that he would have to study the issue more in depth.

Citing a National Institute of Medicine study, Franken asked leading questions, trying to pin the nominee down on free contraception.

“Do you agree with the Trump administration’s actions to undermine access to free birth control?” the senator asked, criticizing the president’s approach. He referred to his own position as “evidence-based” and demanded that Azar guarantee free birth control for women.

Multiple accusers have named Franken as a sexual assaulter who grabbed them inappropriately or performed other unwanted sexual acts.

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