Police in Potsdam, Germany evacuate Christmas market, investigate suspicious object

German police have evacuated a Christmas market in the city of Potsdam following reports about an explosive device planted nearby.


Police are “currently deployed to central Potsdam because a suspicious package [was found there],” the local police department said in a Twitter post.

Local officers had already cordoned off the area around the suspicious object and requested assistance of specialist officers, the statement added.

Police also closed several roads adjacent to the area, German media report. A bomb disposal unit is currently examining the suspicious package, the police said.


An employee working in a local pharmacy was the first to report the suspicious package to the police. The object was reportedly planted on a children’s carousel located at the Christmas market, local media report, citing unnamed witnesses.

The package is reported to be 50 centimeters long and 40 centimeters wide. It was delivered to the pharmacy, where an employee opened it to find suspicious wires and devices inside, a local police spokesman, Peter Meyritz, told Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten.

The bomb-disposal unit has confirmed that the suspicious package is indeed an explosive device, German police said on Twitter. Officers urged people to clear the area using loud-speakers.


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