‘My Dad is a F*cking Player’: Rep. John Conyers Son’s Deleted Tweet Resurfaces After Endorsement

Democrat Rep. John Conyers  announced his immediate retirement Tuesday and endorsed his son John Conyers III to take his seat in Congress, reported The Gateway Pundit‘s Jon Hall on Tuesday morning. Conyers made his announcement on a local radio station, making his decision two weeks after sexual harassment allegations surfaced and after discussing his political future with family and advisers.

In a now deleted tweet from June 9th, 2010, John Conyers III (who has since deleted his Twitter account), appears to have been making reference to his father’s infidelity.

“My dad is a f*cking player and reckless as hell! He just got at this doods wife super low-key.”


We do not know the identify of the woman Conyers’ son made reference to.

“And for those wondering if it’s really the congressman’s son, other past tweets talking aboutMom Con” and Uncle Carl — the elder Conyers’ brother — should clue you in,” reports M Live‘s Aaron Foley.

Conyers, after settling a sexual harassment settlement with $27K of taxpayer money, had no other choice but to resign after outrage and furor directed toward him reached a fever pitch instead of dying out.

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