Mark Levin TORCHES anti-Trump ‘RAT FINK’ FBI agent, accuses Mueller of cover-up…

Mark Levin went after Peter Strzok, the FBI agent that was reportedly taken off the Trump investigation by Mueller, calling him a “rat fink” and accusing Mueller of covering up his biases.

Watch below:

Levin says both Strzok and Mueller are political hacks, and points to the report that he was the one that softened the language in the report of Hillary Clinton’s email shenanigans.

It IS an odd coincidence that Strzok was such a key figure in all of these interviews in the Clinton and the Trump investigations, and his anti-Trump bias didn’t come up until later. This confirms all the accusations from Trump allies like Levin and Hannity that Mueller’s investigation is just a witch hunt.

Basically, if it turns out all Mueller comes up with is Scooter Libby style charges instead of real malfeasance, you can bet your sweet bippy that it’s gonna get crazy…

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