Lewis Skipping Civil Rights Museum Opening – “That Cracker Trump” Is Coming

Lewis is a petty little boy in a man’s body, a sensitive snowflake who can’t stand the trauma of being in the same room as people who disagree with him. White Presidents are a

By Rick Wells

Once again racist Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) has declared he won’t be attending a function in his official capacity because it is tainted by the presence of the President of the United States and that it would be beneath his bigoted “dignity and integrity” to attend.

After all, Hussein Obama turned the White House into a outlet of the NAACP and he now expects nothing less from all real presidents, American citizens qualified to hold the office, going forward.

It’s too bad we can’t devise a way for President Trump to spend some time in Congress and in meetings of the racist agitation front group, the Congressional Black Caucus, so the divisive Lewis would be compelled by his inner snowflake to just stay home.

Lewis and Bennie Thompson (D-MS), his fellow anti-America, parasite-enabling racist, were initially going to attend the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum on Saturday but later decided it was beneath them. That cracker President was going to be there.

Of course if the cracker hadn’t shown up he’d have been the topic of their scorn for disrespecting their sacrifices. Either way they were going to make it all about Trump. They can’t very well claim he ignored them as the main speaker. Maybe they had their own speeches written already and didn’t have the crayons necessary for a re-write. Perhaps they were intimidated by the President’s use of pronouns or his ability to conjugate verbs.

The two issued a joint statement that was little more than a collection of the typical Democrat lies and mis-characterizations, none of which are true, saying that he disrespected civil rights leaders. The Democrats are the party of lies, strife, chaos and division for political, communist gain. Their members are filth, who will do anything to advance their anti-America agenda.

In a joint statement, the two racists said, “Trump’s attendance and his hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum. The struggles represented in this museum exemplify the truth of what really happened in Mississippi. President Trump’s disparaging comments about women, the disabled, immigrants and National Football League players disrespect the efforts of Fannie Lou Hamer, Aaron Henry, Medgar Evers, Robert Clark, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and countless others who have given their all for Mississippi to be a better place.”

As their fellow Black Congress member and founder John Conyers resigns his office for sexual assault, these hypocrites still have the nerve to falsely accuse the President as if they and their party are pure.  They’re pure garbage.

They conflate things, like illegals and legal immigrants into a racist claim, which is a lie. They choose to ignore the insult to our nation of their fellow racists in the NFL and then mislabel President Trump for taking exception to their attacks on the nation.

Sarah Sanders issued a statement saying, “We think it’s unfortunate that these members of Congress wouldn’t join the President in honoring the incredible sacrifice civil rights leaders made to right the injustices in our history. The President hopes others will join him in recognizing that the movement was about removing barriers and unifying Americans of all backgrounds.”

Lewis has always played the race card for political advancement, that’s how he got into Congress in the first place. He didn’t like the fact that President Trump isn’t a race exploiter in the manner of his illegal alien predecessor and chose to boycott the inauguration. For him it’s all part of his tiresome shtick.

Former Mississippi Governor, Democrat Ray Mabus announced he likewise would not be attending, making the evidence undeniable that this is a political stunt by Democrats to harm President Trump. They are the ones who diminish the history and the actions of those honored within, they are the ones who are willing to act like disrespectful children to take a political shot at a president simply because he’s not a racist and he puts America first. That makes him a threat, the real reason for the boycott.


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