RINO Sen Shelby Sabotages Moore, Gives Boost To Democrat In Alabama Senate Race

RINO Sen Shelby of Alabama doesn’t support the GOP candidate for Senate, Judge Moore, instead telling Alabama voters to throw their vote away so a liberal Democrat can win

By Rick Wells

Jake Tapper chooses to describe Judge Roy Moore as having been “credibly” accused of sexual abuse. Having been caught forging evidence is apparently not enough to raise reasonable suspicion in the mind of the Democrat partisan about those leveling charges.

Tapper is in luck. A RINO has come out of the DC swamp to assist him in his efforts to drag Doug Jones across the finish line. Alabama Senator Richard Shelby will now be remembered as the guy who helped CNN sink or attempt to sink Judge Moore, President Trump’s MAGA agenda and the American people.

Tapper spends more than seven of the eight minutes focused on swamp saboteur Shelby’s refusal to vote for Moore and his wasted supposed write-in vote for a non-candidate he doesn’t even have the moral courage to name. It bears noting that Shelby is a “former” Democrat who supposedly switched to the Republican Party in 1994.

Was it just a political move in the largely conservative state? At 83 years of age and with his term not expiring until 2022 Shelby’s not likely to run again and his uniparty stripes are already showing through.

Asked who he’d rather see win on Tuesday, Shelby answers as if he’s living in a fairy tale land where make believe is reality, saying, “I’d rather see a Republican win but I hope that Republican would be a write-in. I couldn’t vote for Roy Moore, I didn’t vote for Roy Moore, but I wrote in a distinguished Republican name and I think a lot of people could do that, will they do that, I’m not sure.”   [VIDEO BELOW]

Cleary aware of the fact that a vote for a write in candidate is a vote for the Democrat, Shelby continues, “As a Republican I had to vote Republican, I wanted to vote Republican,” but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t throw his vote away in doing so and, as the swamp creature he is, help the Democrat side of the establishment uniparty.

He explains to the “stupid Americans at home” the concept of a tipping point and says, “So many accusations, so many cuts, so many drip, drip, drip, when it got to the 14-year-old story, that was enough for me.” Of course that was the first story, so his cuts and drips narrative lacks substance, he was out at the first sign of blood, the first drip.

Asked who he’d rather see as his fellow Senator on Wednesday, Shelby says he’s going to stick with his story, his fantasy that some other candidate will win. Is he that stupid or just that politically corrupt? Does the will of his fellow Republicans in having chosen Moore not matter to this guy? He’s sticking with his dream-world magical solution, an act of deliberate sabotage.

Shelby sounds like a blind old fool as he claims to have no reason not to believe the women. If an admitted forgery, obviously choreographed and poorly acted stage presentations with Gloria Allred, and incorrect descriptions of the layout of the restaurant and the locations of the possible attack aren’t enough to question the credibility of Nelson, then he’s lost the capacity for critical thought.

Corfman also has many reasons for her accusations to be questioned. Is Shelby merely a simpleton Senator or is he just doing what his uniparty masters have instructed him to do in attempting to sink Judge Moore? Two days before the election, for this longtime GOP Senator to come out and make this statement, it’s clearly a deliberate effort to sink Judge Moore. The uniparty wants Moore to lose and they’ve invested heavily in Jones; maybe in Shelby as well.

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