Dobbs and McCarthy – Rosenstein Bizarre Performance Exposed Serious Problems

Lou Dobbs and Andrew McCarthy explore the BIZARRE show that Rod Rosenstein put on in House hearings, more evidence of the corruption and problems at DOJ and the FBI.

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Lou Dobbs was joined on his Fox Business program by Andrew McCarthy. Dobbs found the appearance before the House Judiciary Committee by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to be “an extraordinary performance.”

Despite their having oversight over both the DOJ and the FBI, Dobbs notes, “I cannot believe how many times I heard ‘I can’t answer that question, won’t answer that question, we’re waiting on the Inspector General’s report.’ He seemed as if he’s another one in the Justice Department, in addition to the Attorney General, who is merely presiding.”

McCarthy takes that as his cue, commenting that Rosenstein was quite passive in conducting his duty, by failing to set parameters for the investigation. There are two things that struck him from the Rosenstein testimony. One is the idea that a Justice Department Inspector General investigation would be considered a substitute or proxy for Congress being able to perform their oversight function.

The other is that partisans shouldn’t go into investigations where that is a potential issue and they should never be recruited. Dobbs points out that there are thousands upon thousands of DOJ attorneys and prosecutors and asks, “Why would you not choose one who was not so fraught with burdens of partisanship?”

Of course the reason is clearly that the partisanship is a key factor in who one recruits in a political witch hunt. Those lacking it who might be more inclined to conduct a fair and impartial investigation are of no value to Mueller and his “get Trump” mission.

McCarthy says that the selection of Obama partisans is even more critical in this instance because what should be being investigated is whether the Obama regime “put the law enforcement arms of government in the service of Hillary Clinton’s political campaign.”

Dobbs asks if there is any doubt at this point. McCarthy puts the issue not into a question of if but of to what degree the DOJ and FBI were involved politically on behalf of the Clinton campaign and Obama regime.

McCarthy says, “This needs to be scrubbed, thoroughly, there’s no question about it. I’m not as crazy as my friend Jim Jordan about the institution of the special counsel because I think there’s a better way to do it. I think you get a good, strong, independent US Attorney…someone from outside of Virginia, outside of Washington, who can look at this thing and look at the conduct of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies through the 2016 campaign.”

McCarthy agrees with many Americans who have been pulling their hair out in hopes that President Trump would become involved in the disaster at DOJ. He says, “He could compel these agencies to cooperate.” Dobbs says there’s a lot of risk involved in doing that which would boomerang on him. McCarthy replies simply, “It can’t be worse than this.”

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