Kallstrom – Outrageous DOJ Cabal A Conspiracy, Participants In Very Serious Trouble

Kallstrom, former FBI Assistant Director describes what is taking place at DOJ as a cabal and a conspiracy by as many as 20 individuals to take over and decide the presidency of. . .

By Rick Wells

In the setup for her interview with James Kallstrom, Liz MacDonald plays a video in which Rep Trey Gowdy admits to his blind defense of Robert Mueller, which is now apparently reaching its end.

Gowdy says that if Mueller should decide to act against President Trump that due to the political nature of the “investigative” team, Republicans have a built in argument for bias, that the fix was in from day one. It kind of sounds like Gowdy feels it’s necessary for him to explain his almost obsessive advocacy and defense of Mueller and his conduct of the witch hunt.

It might have escaped Rep Gowdy’s generally keen observation skills, but any layman who was willing to look at the situation objectively long ago recognized that the fix actually was in from day one and the corruption that allowed it to happen is deep and wide.

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom realized long ago that his former colleague and friend Robert Mueller is a dirty cop. He’s asked if he believes Peter Strzok was taking active measures to stop President Trump from winning and measures to help Hillary Clinton.

He does, after reading the text messages. He says, “You know this Lone Ranger riding to the rescue of America, I mean, nothing could be further from the truth.”

After giving a brief summary of some of the incredible damage done to this nation by Hussein Obama, Kallstrom says, with the disgust apparent in his voice, “And here’s this Lone Ranger, you know, riding in ‘to save the country.’ I mean, it’s just outrageous.”

He says, “I’ve talked to some legal minds recently here, and I think an investigation would bring a strong, strong obstruction of justice case against him and many others. I think this is a cabal, I think it’s a conspiracy, that whole thing, that dossier is BS and if they took that to the FISA court and knew it was BS, then they’re in a lot of trouble.”

He continues, “And if they didn’t know it was BS then they’re totally incompetent.” He then feels compelled to defend the FBI, the regular agents, who he says are 99.9% patriots. Kallstrom says, “How big this cabal is, I don’t know, if it’s 8 people or 20 people, but it’s a small number.”

Kallstrom says the cabal has “a number of people in the Justice Department, that wife of the guy in the Justice Department on a short wave radio talking over there to this guy over in Great Britain, what a disgrace. This thing is an absolute fraud. And the Attorney General of the United States should either resign or should do something about it.”

Asked what an FBI agent could do to try to stop someone from being elected President, he replies, “Well, I think he could do what this guy tried to do.”

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