*(THIS IS WHY THEY WANT OUR GUNS AMERICA) – FBI Director Christopher Wray Wouldn’t Say If The FBI Paid For The Anti-Trump Dossier

WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 12: FBI director nominee Christopher Wray testifies during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee July 12, 2017 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. If confirmed, Wray will fill the position that has been left behind by former director James Comey who was fired by President Donald Trump about two months ago. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

By Hannah Bleau

This completely flew under the radar, and I can’t figure out why. It should be everywhere. This is serious.

Earlier this month, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the House Judiciary Committee. It was a long, grueling hearing, but there’s one part that needs to be highlighted.

At one point, Rep. Matt Gaetz asked Wray if the FBI gave Hillary Clinton special treatment. Predictably, he wouldn’t answer. But then Gaetz got even more specific. He asked, “So on the dossier, did the FBI pay for a dossier on the president?”



Are you kidding? If the question is as preposterous as it sounds, why wouldn’t he simply say, “Of course not! That’s absurd.”?

“Don’t the American people deserve to know whether taxpayer money was used to buy a dossier that was curated by a political party to discredit the president of the United States before and after the election?” Gaetz asked.

Again, Wray wouldn’t answer.

“I would tell you questions on that subject are something that we’re having lots and lots of interaction with, multiple congressional committees and their staffs on in a classified setting,” he said.

We know Hillary Clinton and the Dems funded the bogus dossier, but what if the FBI had involvement too? There’s your Russia collusion, Democrats!

Trump was on to something. This is shady stuff.

“We don’t know whether Hillary Clinton was treated as special,” Gaetz concluded. “We don’t know whether the FBI used taxpayer money to go buy a dossier to discredit the president.”

We have serious corruption on our hands.

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