EU Dictator Tells Europeans – Surrender To The Invasion, Resistance is Futile

EU dictators in Brussels mandate acceptance of their invasion, their means to global government by imposing a replacement, non-assimilated population on distinct, sovereign

By Rick Wells

Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European Union’s Commissioner of Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship had a message for those who disagree with their policy of forced invasion, displacement and replacement of the European nation citizenry – go pound sand.

The cabal of globalist dictators headquartered in Brussels has mandated what will be and those patriots of various nations who don’t want to be overrun by demanding, non-assimilating, often criminal Islamists have no choice, in their view. Accept that they have lost their countries like good slaves, sit down and shut up.

If they wanted to rule themselves they should never have surrendered control to unelected foreign globalist bureaucrats. Now they can do as their told, accept that their new lot in life as second or third class citizens in their own land. Focus instead on learning not to be in the wrong place, to not make the wrong move that could get them or their family raped, hurt or killed by the unwelcome parasites.

Avramopoulos made his fatalistic declaration in a December 18th article in Politico. He announced to their prospective European slaves, former citizens of sovereign nations, ” It’s time to face the truth. We cannot and will never be able to stop migration.” It’s not that he wants to stop it, they’re the ones responsible. What he’s doing is telling the victims the same thing most rapists say, don’t fight back, just relax, surrender and it’ll be easier, maybe less painful. Accept your fate.

He chose the fabricated UN “holiday” of International Migrants Day to make his declaration, saying, “More than 244 million people are living outside their country of birth. Human mobility will increasingly define the 21st century. If we want to be ready for it, we need to start preparing now.”

Many would like to prepare a defense, which is not what Avramopoulos was referencing. If it’s an invasion that would be the natural response. What reason is there to prepare for a surrender? He claimed, “[Forced] Migration is our new reality. The time has come to start thinking, talking and acting about migration in a more comprehensive and long-term way, putting in place policies aimed at promoting integration and inclusion.”

In other words, their masters at the EU are going to continue with their scheme of destroying the cultures, religious values, heritage and cohesive natures of all European nations and they don’t want any more resistance. Just as with the United States Congress, the use of the word comprehensive means “look away and reach for the lubricant.”

After greatly understating the number of invaders as if it is some sort of perverse “success story,” Avramopoulos says a lot still remains to be done and assigns to all of the people of Europe the culpability that belongs to the globalist cabal and the EU for the destruction of Europe. He said, “We need to deliver on our promises.” If he and his globalist comrades made promises they can’t keep, that’s their problem.

He said, “We need to deliver on our promises to evacuate thousands of migrants from Libya either through resettlement or assisted voluntary return in the coming months. We need to reach a comprehensive [there’s that word again] and fair asylum reform by June. Fair to whom and what’s the hurry, Dimitris? Is the EU fearful there will be an uprising against their tyranny?

He continued, “We must also enhance legal channels for economic migration with a more ambitious Blue Card for highly skilled workers and kick-start targeted labor migration pilot projects in key third countries.” How many highly skilled workers are there in third world countries and again, why the rush?

He argued, “But we cannot continue taking an ad hoc approach, thinking and acting with only short-term deadlines in mind. When it comes to migration, we’re in it for the long haul. This is not a problem to solve or a challenge to address. Migration is deeply intertwined with our policies on economics, trade, education and employment — to name just a few. There you have it, Europe. You’ve all lost your countries – the dictator in Brussels proclaims it. Resistance is futile, have some cake.

Avramopoulos ended with a swipe at President Trump’s American uprising and those in Austria, Hungary, Poland and elsewhere, patriots who are saying “No” to their would-be globalist masters. Avramopoulos said, “Unfortunately, the recent discourse on migration — influenced by rising nationalism, populism and xenophobia — has limited our opportunities to put in place smart, forward-looking migration policies, at both the national and European levels.

We’ll take that as the only good news to come out of this subhuman mongrel’s foul mouth. Limiting their opportunities to implement their policies is a victory, with many more on the way. He should be taken for a ride into an Islamic no-go zone in Paris, London or even Brussels late some night and forced out of the car.

Let’s see how much he likes fearing for his life in the hellhole they’re imposing on the whole of Europe.

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