NFL Partners With “No-Whites” College In Field Thug Radical Training Workshop

The NFL death wish continues as they double down on targeting whites, America, our military and police, joining with Soros and an all-black college to train agitators who will be

By Rick Wells

Late last month the NFL announced plans to partner with George Soros, black supremacists, communists and their common political cover affiliation, the Democrat Party, to attack white Americans, police and our nation as a whole. That’s why the NFL owners refuse to discipline their disrespectful field thugs for kneeling during the national anthem. They’re not defiant rebels standing up to the owners, they’re partners.

It’s a continuation of the model the globalist Democrats used to co-opt other forms of entertainment, such as the movie, television, media and music industries and morph them into propaganda and agitation arms of the anti-American world government cabal. Controlling young minds through the mediums of those they look up to in movies, music and sports is a powerful tool.

Now the NFL is putting its financial pledge of roughly $90 million to action as they announced they’ll be funding radical grooming, Alinsky style workshops to train agitators in the most effective methods of attacking the “cracker country” and strong-arming “what’s rightfully owed to them.”

This month, the segregated, no privileged whites allowed, Morehouse College, announced that the NFL will co-host a three day workshop to train student-athletes on the finer points of disrespectful behavior, inappropriately imposing their demands and complaints upon others, and being spoiled children in adult bodies. The School described it as  “influencers and community leaders with the mechanics to develop their advocacy platform.”

The “Advocacy in Sport” workshop will be held in February, reports Campus Reform, as part of the $90 million anti-whitey slush fund the NFL has created to reward and encourage anti-American activity and further the Obama agenda of black privilege and “equality” through black preference.

NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Troy Vincent, said in a press release, “This historic workshop is aimed at training the next generation of athletes who wish to use sport as a powerful platform for advocacy.”

In other words, they’re creating more of the same monsters that have destroyed the image and the bottom line of their business this season, so the NFL can completely disappear. Awesome thinking guys – who said you were just a bunch of stupid, self-obsessed, Neanderthal jocks?

The content was developed by a Morehouse psychology professor in conjunction with the NFL, racist field thugs and other social justice and black supremacy agitators. Morehouse President Harold Martin Jr. said, “Linking with the NFL and their players in pushing forward [racist] social justice agendas that mirror present and past activist foundations of Morehouse College is important work.”

This is where your ticket money and revenue from advertisers is going, America, to the propagation of globalist, anti-American thugs attacking our nation in a continuation of the “fundamental transformation” started by the communist race-baiter in the White House in 2009.

Why is anyone still watching these disrespectful America-haters run around and compete against each other? Why does any patriotic American identify with or support anything these ingrates and enemies of this nation do? The NFL is a racist, anti-American organization and supporting them through viewership, either in person or on TV, is support of our own destruction.

What’s more important, a little entertainment or taking a stand against rewarding those who are undermining the greatest nation on earth? Where are America’s priorities. Those who have been leaving the empty seats in the NFL games and not bothering to tune in are showing their patriotism.

Let the thugs have their game to themselves and let their league die. It doesn’t deserve to live. Vince McMahon is talking about bringing back the XFL – with players who stand for the national anthem. There should be plenty of empty stadiums begging for him to bring in his league. Die NFL, Die.


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