*(WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO US IF WE DID NOT SHOW UP FOR COURT?) – Conspirator Against Trump Bruce Ohr No-Shows For Senate Intel Hearing

He could have chosen to plead the Fifth Amendment and he still may but Bruce Orh might as well have screamed a confession to sedition. His no-show today for Senate hearings

By Rick Wells

Bruce Ohr was the former number four official at the DOJ in the Obama regime and held that position under AG Sessions as well. That changed after he got caught plotting to overthrow the President. That’s serious stuff and he was dealt with “firmly,” by being demoted to a lower management position.

That’s their view of justice at the Department of Justice? A person suspected of abusing his office in the conduct of seditious behavior against our President is merely demoted. They protect their own and he knows things about the rest of them.

The often suspect Senate Intel Committee were going to at least provide a show-hearing behind closed doors for Mr. Ohr on Monday, but Ohr apparently didn’t think he could survive that or his co-conspirators in the DOJ and FBI thought he’d rat them out.

Whatever the reason, Ohr was a no-show today for his Senate testimony and nobody has been informed as to why.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch isn’t surprised. As he says, it’s becoming commonplace for the “above the law” deep state Obama criminals to defy Congress. He reminded Fox’s David Asman that the criminal second in command at the FBI, Andrew McCabe, rescheduled his testimony last week, but that to now “have this key official not show up, it’s just incredible.”

Fitton points out that “The Justice Department has been very aggressive in protecting those in its agency and those in the FBI who have been implicated in ‘conflict of interest scandals,’ to put it charitably.” Asman notes that “implicated” is the right word to use and quotes from an affidavitput out by Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson.

Simpson wrote, “Fusion contracted with Nellie Ohr, a former government official expert in Russian matters, to help our company with its research and analysis of Mr. Trump. I met with Bruce Ohr at his request after the 2016 election to discuss our findings regarding Russia and the elections.” Asman brings the actions of various players together, saying, “It looks like we’re beginning to see a conspiracy here.”

Fitton notes that there’s no evidence that anyone on the Trump campaign colluded with Russia and that there is quite a bit to indicate that the real collusion was between the Clinton campaign, the DNC, its dossier operation – Fusion GPS, the FBI and the Justice Department, and maybe even Mueller’s operation, which is supposedly still investigating the dossier.”

“We need to know all of the issues there,” says Fitton, “figure out who knew what and when and how much money was paid for what and when.” Asman asks if the folks at the Justice Department actually helped to pay for the dossier hit piece, as well as its distribution to prevent President Trump from becoming winning the election.

Fitton mentions the fact that Judicial Watch is “asking for documents about these payments and the Justice Department and FBI won’t even confirm or deny the dossier and payment related information exists. That’s how deep the stonewalling goes.”


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