Retired Immigration Agent Says DACA Will Cost U.S.$26 Billion

By Nichole Cooper

Save the children. That is, the burrito loving children, not the unborn ones with Down Syndrome (see Dutch Healthcare Shames Down Syndrome Man. For Costing ‘Too Much…’). Also the fur babies, save those too (see Liberals Lose Their Minds Over Polar Bear Hunt. Death Threats and Racism…). But mostly the humans from down south. Speaking of which, leftists are throwing hissy fits over the threatened repeal of DACA. Meanwhile conservatives continue to throw facts.

One gentleman, a retired Senior Special Agent for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (mouth full) details what will happen if DACA is extended another ten years. It’s almost as frightening as Pelosi without makeup. Or Pelosi with makeup. Or just Pelosi.

It’s a huge price. And we’re talking about chain migration. We’re talking about people who came into the country illegally. And they say, “Well they came as kids.” We don’t know that. The age cut off was 31 back in 2012. Now these folks could be in their mid-thirties. There were no interviews, there wer no field investigations. How do you verify who they are? And we’ve seen members of MS-13 among them. If they get citizenship, they could bring in all of their brothers and sisters and their extended families. I’ve seen one person bring in 30 or 40 immigrants. Why would we do this?

This isn’t a left right issue. This is a right wrong issue. Both sides of the political aisle have seen gains for themselves in the open borders. The globalization agenda. This is the first president who’s a populist as compared to the globalists who see in our borders, not lines of defense but impediments to their wealth.

Close your eyes and imagine a president who cares about his country.

Mr. Bean Sleeps Funny Gif

Now open your eyes and you’ll find he’s here, though a bit oranger and more obnoxious. Ignoramus programs like DACA, chain migration, and the Diversity Visa Program only help special interest groups. They’re not conducive to a healthy and safe America. For an example of unsafe borders, just look at Europe. While it’s still around (see UK: Pro-Terrorism Mother Spared Jail… Because Her Kids Needed Her).

Simply put, Trump reversing DACA is a good thing. More on that below.

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