*(THIS IS WHY THEY WANT OUR GUNS AMERICA) – King – McCabe Gave Inadequate Answers – “What Are They Trying To Cover Up?”

By Rick Wells

Rep Peter King sits on the House Intel Committee that questioned FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. He’s not pleased with the evasive responses and asks what they’re hiding

Martha MacCallum opens her interview with Rep Peter King (R-NY) with an innocent enough question that garnered a telling response, though King was limited as to what he could say about the closed door hearings.

She simply asked if  Andrew McCabe was forthcoming when he was asked about bias that may or may not exist in the FBI with regards to the Trump administration. King says, “I don’t believe that adequate answers were given, I’ll just leave it at that.”

He continued, “There’s so many unanswered questions, at least questions that have not been resolved. For instance, the whole question of the dossier, what role did that play, if any, as far as the investigation being [commenced].”

King says this was an investigation against a presidential campaign, “This was almost unprecedented. And I remember last year when we were told why it was begun and we were told about all of these contacts, unprecedented contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

“Well it turns out there were virtually none,” says King, “and none of  any substance. Then you have the dossier coming in. As to what role that played, if any, I have to be careful on this, when the FISA court allowed warrants, issued warrants.”   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

MacCallum notes that “Democrats were looking for evidence of collusion in their questioning, that they wanted McCabe to confirm that they had every reason to do that unmasking and that the only thing that he mentioned that came out of the dossier was that Carter Page took a trip to Moscow.”

Rep King says the Page trip to Moscow was nothing, they know that, and for that to be used as any kind of an excuse was “irresponsible.” King says it was not the only bit of information that McCabe offered but that the others were no better and also “did not add up to anything.”

King points out that four over four months he and other members of the House Intelligence Committee, has been asking for all of these records. He says, “We didn’t get any of them until we had to go to court to get them. And yet the FBI should be cooperating with us, the Justice Department should be cooperating with us.”

He says, “But these key emails, text messages, just the fact that these people were involved, none of that would be given to us. We had to fight for everything. What are they trying to cover up? Why are they obstructing a committee from doing its lawful work on a matter which is so vital to the country and to the world, for that matter?”

MacCallum notes that the American people are watching this obstruction and saying to themselves, “Well we fund the FBI, we fund the Department of Justice, and I know Congress is very frustrated that you’re not getting the documents from the FBI and Department of Justice about what their feelings or involvement may have been in any effort to be against the Trump administration.”

She asks, “Are we going to see any sort of open hearings from Ohr or from Strzok on these issues?” King says it depends on what they learn in the closed meeting, “Because it is important we do this closed because again, this is part of an ongoing investigation. We don’t necessarily want other witnesses to know everything that’s being said in there so they can’t tailor their stories to it.” Asked if there was anything in McCabe’s testimony in which he contradicted earlier statements, King declined to respond.

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