“El Extorto” Durbin Threatens Govt Shutdown If Border Wall In Amnesty Deal

By Rick Wells

Sen Dick Durbin threatens to shut down parts of America’s govt to help illegal foreigners bully their way into amnesty. And no border wall, either, says the open borders globalist,

President Trump set the parameters for the negotiations on the Border Wall by offering the globalist Democrats the public illusion that he was open to some components of their open borders agenda, most specifically, legal status for DACA illegals.

They took the bait as they were forced to put off the battle until the third week of January, having felt the wrath of their illegal and liberal constituency that cares nothing about American sovereignty and has not concept of the meaning of fiscal or economic responsibility or of what it means to be an American citizen.

Now President Trump has laid out his position, including what will be required for him to violate a campaign promise and legalize 800,000 of the foreign nationals squatting here in our country.

President Trump wants, in exchange, full funding for the construction of the southern border wall, new authority to prevent a repeat of the illegal children invasion, restrictions on sanctuary cities, an end to chain migration, the end of the visa lottery and mandatory E-Verify in hiring.

President Trump sent his proposal to Capitol Hill on Friday and it was immediately dismissed by the open borders agitators, such as Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and the usual crowd of Democrat suspects.

Durbin said Democrats are willing to risk a government shutdown to avoid giving up on their future constituency, the invaders from foreign lands.

DHS has asked Congress for $18 billion in funding for new border fence and wall construction. Also included along with their funding request was a crackdown on sanctuary cities, new authority to reject fraudulent asylum applications and permission to remove new illegal aliens in a more timely fashion.

Benjamin L Cassidy, an assistant secretary at Homeland Security wrote, “Effective border security will not be successful unless we close dangerous legal loopholes that enable illegal immigration and visa overstays. If these loopholes are not closed, and enforcement capabilities are not enhanced, our immigration system and border cannot be secured.”

That effectively laid out the objectives of Democrats who have no desire to secure this nation regardless of the threats posed.

Senator Durbin dismissed the Trump positions as being non-starters. Hethreatened, “President Trump has said he may need a good government shutdown to get his wall. With this demand, he seems to be heading in that direction.”

Durbin said Democrats would consider “reasonable border security measures,” which means reasonably easy to defeat and ineffective, describing President Trump’s position as “outrageous.” It’s an outrage to want to keep foreigner out of our once-sovereign nation in the opinion of the globalist Democrats like Mr. Durbin, who are intent on our destruction.

Durbin noted he’ll continue to work with open borders Republican Lindsey Graham, who is a hawk on national security except where it comes to controlling access to our nation, and any other anti-sovereignty Republicans.

Pro-illegal groups were also upset with the thought of adding additional Border Patrol agents, for the same reasons, it makes it harder for their invading forces to enter the country.

President Trump is battling for the American people and for our nation. The Democrats are clearly our enemies. This is a fight Trump should be anxious to have, to remind the American people of what is at stake if the Democrats are somehow allowed to have their way or return to power.

That is, of course, in addition to a return to the selling of influence, secrets, assets and rampant pilferage that existed under Hussein Obama.

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