Gohmert – Sh**hole Sideshow Uproar a Dem Diversion To Pressure Trump On Amnesty

By Rick Wells

Rep Gohmert sees the distraction of the hand-wringing globalist Dems for what it is, a diversion of focus from the anti-white racism of US policy they created. Amnesty talk from

Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX) doesn’t bother to defend President Trump’s choice of language to describe the “sh*thole countries” that receive what is an obvious racist preference for immigration as part of the browning of America initiated by the globalists Bush and Obama.

He instead chooses to focus on the frustration that the President, Congress and patriotic Americans who voted for him feel with the process. Gohmert notes, “The only people they want to talk about being dreamers are people who came into the country illegally.” Gohmert notes that they’re not kids any longer and many of them don’t even speak English, despite their free educations and support.

He also reminds the audience how every instance of amnesty talk results in a surge at the border and how anyone given any type of legal status will eventually be made a citizen, citing the 3/5 of a person from the days of American slavery as a situation that will not be repeated for long.

Gohmert points out the obvious that nobody wants to talk about, the fact that those who are demanding the immediate legalization of these non-citizens are the same ones to obstruct any effort at border security. Their goals are not to secure the nation but to maintain the flow of illegals until we are sufficiently overwhelmed and our nation is stolen away from us.

He says that a wall is not necessary for the entire length of the border but that there are hundreds of miles where it is. He also draws lessons from the 1986 amnesty in which border security and amnesty were combined into one bill. The amnesty was implemented immediately and the security never happened.

He says, “We have got to not put the cart before the horse or we’re going to run this cart and horse right off the cliff.” Shannon Bream states that there are people unhappy on both the right and the left with what they are hearing proposed so far.

Gohmert injects, “Like the people who voted for Donald Trump.” Bream agrees, “Yeah, a lot of those folks, you’re absolutely right.” Hopefully President Trump was watching.

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