Soros Vows To Continue Fight Against Plague Of Nationalism with His World Governance

By Rick Wells

George Soros has vowed to intensify his battle against national sovereignty, the obstacle that is preventing him from manipulating his way into a position of global domination.

George Soros’ plans to destroy the civilized world and then reconstruct it in his own design with him at the top isn’t going so well. Surrendering self-determination and one’s culture, language, national identity and religion isn’t attractive to most folks.

Lazy people, useful idiots, and those who view themselves as being in the exploitative elite might favor the idea, until tyranny arrives and it’s not as it was advertised.

Soros announced in an interview with the Financial Times that he will continue his fight against the “plagues” of freedom, self-determination and Western culture. He’s attacking our Christian values and individual national identity by flooding our countries with non-assimilating Muslims because he knows that is the best way to achieve division, a precursor to conquest.

He vowed to fight the spread of nationalism, which he said has become the world’s “dominant ideology.” Nationalism has been around since the beginning of time, even longer than Soros. That is a fight he’s not likely to win. People like having their own countries, they take pride in being who and what they are. That is particularly true of the citizens of the prosperous and civilized nations of the West that he’s targeting for elimination.

In his complaints about the nationalists defending their nations against his attacks, orchestrated through his Open Society Foundation false fronts, Soros whined, “It’s déjà vu all over again with one big change — the dominant ideology in the world now is nationalism. It’s the EU that’s the institution that’s on the verge of a breakdown. And Russia is now the resurgent power, based on nationalism.”

The EU is breaking down because it is a tyrannical dictatorship, that prohibits self-determination by its member nations. He’s been busted sticking his nose into America’s business as well, in league with the corrupt globalist Democrats.

Jumping on the same bandwagon he’s using in attacking President Trump in America, Soros is blaming Russia and President Putin for many of the attacks against him. “Snowflake” Soros said, Putin “doesn’t like me,” failing to own up to his interference in Putin’s nation as well. Soros and his OSF have been banned from Russia for the “security risks” they present.

His unpopularity is not due to some unreasonable or evil conspiracy against him. It’s a direct result of his subversion against duly elected governments. The US taxpayers financed some of his international misdeeds during the regime of his puppet, Hussein Obama. Five million dollars of American taxpayer money went to Soros’ OSF in Macedonia between 2012 and 2016 to foment civil unrest, including the translation and publication of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals into Macedonian.

Speaking on behalf of the Hungarian government, Zoltan Kovács noted that Soros had, “never been elected by anyone, the organizations – NGOs, ‘human rights’ groups and so on — have never been elected by anyone.” He added, “[They are] clearly engaging in determining how political decisions should be made. And this is wrong.”

In Romania, the leader of the ruling party described Soros as having “financed evil” in reference to his stirring dissent and radicalism. Israel’s ruling Likud party was also targeted by Hussein Obama with $300 million of US taxpayer dollars. Eli Hazan, Israeli foreign relations director stated that he enjoys fighting the international troublemaker. He said, “If I can help other organizations or governments to work against Soros, I will do it with pleasure because it is a struggle of ideas that may shape the future in the world.”

In presenting the false image of the liberal idealist who somehow isn’t trying to topple governments, Soros mischaracterized his missteps as honest mistakes.  His Georgian puppet and their former leader, Mikheil Saakashvili, is now under criminal investigation for allegedly taking money from a Russia-based oligarch to destabilize Ukraine. It does seem there is a pattern developing.

We’re supposed to believe that civil unrest wasn’t Soros’ intention all along, that this guy who almost destroyed the British Pound and the Bank of England, is a good guy who simply made a bad but innocent choice as to which politician to buy. Soros said it taught him a “painful lesson,” to “keep a greater distance from the internal politics of the countries where I have foundations.” Why does he have those foundations in those countries in the first place?

He’s saying that, as an individual, he needs to be more stealthy in the conduct of his attacks against sovereign nations so it can’t be pinned on him. In no way is he denouncing the practice, only getting caught doing it.

Laughably, Soros said he was committed, despite the “attacks on him,” to work harder to foster “liberal democracies,” what we know as communist hellholes, and fight global corruption. Apparently he doesn’t want the competition.

Soros announced that, despite his age at 89, he plans to remain chairman of OSF for another five years. Of course, that’s provided that Satan doesn’t call him home before then.


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