Dobbs, Farrell – Release Intel Memo, Americans Must See Systemic Corruption at DOJ, FBI

By Rick Wells

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch says Americans need to see the content of the Intel Committee memo released to Congress, and the extreme corruption at DOJ and FBI

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch joins Lou Dobbs to discuss the Intelligence Committee memo that names names and offenses in instances of  corruption and abuse of power targeting candidate and President Trump in an effort to overthrow our President through the abuse of the FISA surveillance program.

He plays a clip of Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who, along with a handful of his colleagues, is calling for the memo to be made public so that the American people can see what the corrupt Democrats under Hussein Obama were doing to subvert our government by the people.

Farrell points to gross over classification that is preventing the American people from seeing the memo detailing what the corrupt officials, who are still at work, were and are doing. He says that if Americans knew what was going on “heads would roll,” as Rep Gaetz indicated.

He says, “The fact that this memo remains classified is wrong. I agree with him 100%, they need to make it public as fast as possible. There’s nothing in there that would give away the crown jewels of our intelligence collection capability, but it would reveal the abuse of process and the abuse by agents and the abuse by the Department of Justice.”   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

Farrell continues, “And that kind of systemic abuse, that corruption of our justice system, is really at the root of all of the problems we’re facing now.” Dobbs says the root of this corruption is raw, unbridled corruption. These are bad people doing horrible things in the name of the United States government. This is corruption that can’t be tolerated.”

“And here’s where it’s so important and, frankly, the reason why it will now break open to the public.” It’s no longer just a matter of one party attacking the other, now “this is institutional corruption that’s been leveraged by various parties.” They go on to discuss that corruption that can no longer be denied in greater detail.

The wildcard in all of this is Jeff Sessions. Where is he and why is he so silent? Is he keeping his powder dry and allowing the Intelligence Committee to take down the phony Robert Mueller investigation now that the true nature of the criminal offenses and their perpetrators are being made public? If so, we may be getting close to that time.

Clearly the inquisitors and their globalist comrades in crime are themselves the ones with some of the dirtiest hands in DC

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