Gowdy, Ratcliffe Reveal TEXT Messages of FBI “SECRET SOCIETY” To Overthrow Trump

By Rick Wells

Reps Gowdy and Ratcliffe are both former prosecutors who have seen new text messages as well as the Nunes memo. They are doing what AG Sessions won’t, investigating DOJ

Ratcliffe is asked how revelations in the text messages indicating that, at a minimum, Strzok, Page, Lynch and Comey were conspiring, fixing and had pre-planned the outcome of the Clinton investigation, squared with sworn testimony by Comey that he had not made a decision of whether or not to charge Clinton until after her interview.

Ratcliffe replies, “I don’t think former Director Comey could have been more clear that the decision wasn’t made until after that July 2nd interview and that’s the way that it should have been. But as you just said, those text messages we saw earlier today indicate Lisa Page, Peter Strzok and Loretta Lynch all apparently knew on the first of July that Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to be charged.”

He continues, “That’s inconsistent with what the director says, so he needs to be given the opportunity to come back and clarify his testimony under oath.” Why wouldn’t he just be charged with perjury like any other American would, we might ask? Because, it appears, the DOJ is still unwilling, under AG Sessions, to punish top Democrats for their criminality.  [[VIDEO BELOW]]

Gowdy says they’re going to need to talk to Comey again, this time about his decision making process in 2016. He says, “It’s really clear to me that the decision was made in May of 2016, two months before the press conference. So of course Loretta Lynch knew she wasn’t going to be charged. Everyone, except the public knew that she was not going to be charged.”

Gowdy talks about some of the new text messages, including one that indicated Comey was going to update Obama about the status of an investigation. He doesn’t know if that was the sham Clinton investigation or one against Trump.

There was also a reference to a “secret society” on the day after the election in text messages between Strzok and Page that Gowdy says he wants answers on as well. Gowdy says he hopes that the Inspector General was able to get copies of the missing text messages but that Congress is not very good at criminal investigations and obtaining evidence.

Asked if they believe there will be a criminal referral coming as a result of the Nunes memo, they admitted that Congress doesn’t do that type of thing and revealed the reason why having the DOJ and FBI populated with corrupt traitors to this nation is a perfect crime. Unless there is exposure and a significant public outcry there is no investigation. The crooks don’t prosecute themselves.


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