*(THIS IS WHY THEY WANT YOUR GUNS AMERICA) – Hypocrisy Rich As Clapper Attacks Rep Nunes For Exposing Treasonous Democrats

By Rick Wells

James Clapper tries to damage the credibility of Rep Devin Nunes, Intelligence Committee chairman, the messenger exposing Democrat sedition and likely Clapper’s own crimes to

Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, who likely had quite a bit of involvement in the abuses detailed in Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ memo, made an appearance on CNN to dismiss the uncovering of evidence and its potential release as mere partisan attacks.

Clapper should remember that it is now extremely likely that the evidence will come out and he’ll probably, at a minimum, be further exposed as the lying Democrat hack that he is and possibly as a suspect in espionage and criminal wrongdoing. At the same time he wants to try to mitigate the damage the release will unleash on the subversive Democrats as a whole.

Sounding almost desperate, Cuomo starts their propaganda session by asking, “What is the chance that this memo, in your opinion, can be accurate, that he has proof that you all, when you were in there before and after, that there were widespread abuses of surveillance to play to political gain for Democrats?” Of course he doesn’t expect a confession from this liar; it’s rhetorical to set up the discussion.

Without denying the allegations, since he doesn’t know how much Nunes knows, Clapper attempts to comment as a third party not directly involved in the criminality. He makes a generalized statement that it sounds “a bit hyperbolic” to him and attacks Rep Nunes with the flimsiest of question as rebuttals.

He criticizes Chairman Nunes for “running around the White House” compound, alerting President Trump when he first learned of unmasking abuses, which clapper claims, “to my knowledge there weren’t any.” He knows there were, that unmasking requests were supposedly made under Samantha Power’s name without her knowledge at a very high rate, for one example.

The DNI dunderhead says “there’s a couple of precautionary notes here. First, this was not bipartisan.” Of course it wasn’t, the Democrats are exposed as serious criminals undermining our government. There is no way that they would voluntarily have that revealed.

Clapper continues his effort to attack the messenger, Rep Nunes, claiming, “I do find it strange that if he found these profound irregularities, in both the Bureau as well as the Department of Justice, that he would not have shared that revelation immediately with the Trump-appointed director of the FBI, Director Wray as well as Attorney General Sessions.”

So he just got the words out of his mouth, criticizing Nunes for immediately reporting the information about the illegal unmasking to the President and the next thing he says is that it’s strange that he didn’t do the same thing with the dubious FBI Director and MIA Attorney General.

Cuomo asks if “there is any good reason for withholding it,” noting that outwardly it looks like he doesn’t trust the FBI, that he’s sowing dissention.” Not trusting the FBI is about as good of a reason as is needed and, since the upper echelons of both the FBI and the DOJ are named as perpetrators, how much better of a reason would Cuomo hope to find to meet his standards?”

Clapper says he can’t think of a reason other than it might detract from the theatrics. He says that, in the interest of fairness, the FBI should be allowed to comment on the memo. There is no gag on Christopher Wray’s mouth or that of Andrew McCabe, his corrupt deputy believed to be named in the memo.

Once it is public, McCabe, Wray and Sessions will all have plenty of reporters mobbing them for their comments. Fairness to the corrupt leadership is not an issue. Fairness to the American people is.

Clapper and Cuomo go on to speculate that because the White House hasn’t yet released the information that they recognize there is no substance. Perhaps the White House recognizes that there is in fact a lot of substance and is doing everything in an overly cautious manner to diminish the opportunities for accusations of partisanship or a vendetta by guilty Democrats flailing and again attacking the messenger when they can’t hide their criminal activity.

Nunes is gathering support from the American people and his fellow GOP Representatives. Once it has reached sufficient levels to invalidate unfounded Democrat claims, it will be released and the White House will then be able to simply not object to the will of the people and Congress. It’s the right way for this to be done, the smart way.

Crapper goes on to claim in his sanctimonious way that what bothers him is the amount of time, now less than a week, that has been spent by a hand full of individuals as well as the Republicans who have taken the time out of fighting the obstructionist Democrats to read the four pages, has diverted attention away from the beating of the dead Russian horse by Robert Mueller.

Having just completed his attack on the messenger, Rep Devin Nunes, the self-righteous hypocrite Clapper denounces Nunes for “attacking the messengers,” and not focusing enough on the “Russia investigation.” It’s a comment so disjointed and idiotic that even Cuomo can’t seem to figure out where he was headed or the point he was trying to make, so he switches topics to Jared Kushner.


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