Gohmert – Very Concerned Wray Won’t Fire McCabe, This Is How You Lose A Country

By Rick Wells

Rep Louie Gohmert is concerned about plotting at FBI and DOJ to overthrow President Trump, demanding a second special counsel and a purge of the criminal leadership. FBI Dir

Rep Louie Gohmert says that the corruption that has been uncovered at the FBI and DOJ is extremely serious, saying, “This is how you lose a country.”

In a Wednesday interview with Fox News’ Jon Scott, Gohmert is asked what he would like to know about those five months worth of missing text messages. He replies, “I just want the text messages, that’s very clear, and we are looking into potential obstruction here.”

Gohmert says, “This is an outrage. And I read today they are wanting to talk to the President. My advice, if I were the President’s attorney is, “These guys, this team is so prejudiced against you, and we know what they did to Flynn. They didn’t have much to go on so they bankrupt him with attorney’s fees costs and then threaten to go after his sons.”

He continues, “So the best thing you can do is not talk to these people.” He references Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby as examples of the abuse of justice by Justice Department thugs. “When they don’t have a case then they question you until they get you to say something inconsistent and then they prosecute you for false statements. So don’t talk to them.”   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

“This group needs to be barred, they need to be stopped, and we certainly need a second prosecutor. There is no way the current DOJ or the current leadership in the FBI, my gosh, if Wray won’t even fire McCabe, then there’s no way they can investigate themselves. The whole apple is solid but there are worms that have eaten there way all through the upper leadership. We need a housecleaning.”

Gohmert asks “Why would they be meeting off the agency area? Why would they have meetings away from the office? It says that they must have had something other than justice in mind, because if it was real justice they would have been meeting at the Department of Justice.”

He says, “This stinks to high heaven and this time Congress cannot drop the ball.” Gohmert points to their failures with Fast and Furious to enforce their contempt and prosecute Eric Holder when documents disappeared and with doing nothing to Koskinen [still on the job as IRS Commissioner] and Lois Lerner with the IRS targeting of Americans.  He says this is too serious to ignore.

He adds, “I’m very concerned about Wray. If he will not even fire McCabe, with all we know about McCabe.”

Wray also promised Senator Dianne Feinstein during his confirmation hearings his devotion to Robert Mueller and that he would oppose any attempt to “interfere” with his witch hunt. He vowed to report anything of that nature immediately to the California libtard. Wray had every appearance of agreeing to have removed himself from the executive branch and to have become a snitch and agent for the anti-Trump Democrats in the legislative branch in order to get approval for the position.

That’s where his loyalties lie. His relationship with Mueller and Comey goes way back to the Bush administration; it’s not something he was forced into.

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