Nunes FISA Memo Release Proves Obama Deep State DOJ Conspiracy To Get Trump

By Rick Wells

The release of the Nunes memo is an important first step that proves the Obama DOJ conspired and falsified evidence in their attack against President Trump, including the Mueller

With the release of the Nunes memo the American public is shown, as we expected, the rants of the obstructionist Democrats that it would expose sources and methods were totally false claims aimed at covering up their own abuses of power.

Their meltdown was apparently in large part due to the revelations regarding their collusion with corrupt members of the DOJ and FBI leadership in manipulating a FISA warrant using phony evidence, a Clinton campaign hit piece, as a critical part of its foundation. The now resigned dirty cop Andrew McCabe, who signed off on one of the renewals of the Carter Page FISA warrant, admitted it would not have been possible without the Clinton campaign’s Trump dossier.

Much of the contents of the memo is confirmation of what was already suspected, rumored or leaked, including the use of the dossier, fabricated by the Clinton campaign and Hussein Obama, as the basis for the ongoing Mueller-Democrat fishing expedition into the lives of anyone associated with the Trump campaign and Presidency.

As has been stated before, this document is not the end, it’s the beginning. Real investigations need to be now conducted into those who took these actions in addition to all of the other criminal wrongdoing, the unmasking and Clinton exoneration on the part of the Obama-Clinton-Soros Mafia.

Rod Rosenstein needs to be fired, and perhaps our Attorney General in name only, Jeff Sessions, as well. The Mueller witch hunt needs to be called off. It has now been shown to be a seditious Democrat political effort in concert with their deep state minions to remove the lawfully elected President from office.

Bret Baier offered his assessment of what are the key points to take away from its review. He found four points noteworthy:

  1. The dossier was in fact used to get FISA surveillance

  2. 90-day extensions for the surveillance happened under Jim Comey, under Andrew McCabe, under Sally Yates, under Deputy Attorney General Boente, and under Rod Rosenstein, two of those were ‘Trump People,’ who extended the 90 day surveillance.

  3. Bruce Ohr’s wife was funneling information to in the Justice Department during the Obama administration that, based on the dossier, she worked for Fusion GPS.

  4. The dossier, the issues with it that they were not confirmed, that it was being funded by the Democrats at that time, that Christopher Steele had expressed a want and need to make sure that Donald Trump wasn’t elected, that the bias of Steele, all of that, from thisdocument, was not shared with the FISA judges to make the surveillance and that was the basis, according to a quote in here, by McCabe, the dossier was for their surveillance itself.

Read the full memo at this link.


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