(THIS IS WHY THEY WANT YOUR GUNS AMERICA) – Ginrich – Wray and Rosenstein Engaged In Open Deep State Rebellion

By Rick Wells

Gingrich sees the desperate efforts by the FBI and DOJ to hide their criminal activity and their public statement denouncing Trump’s memo decision as deep state rogue rebellion

Newt Gingrich calls out both FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as subversive members of the deep state, addressing their disloyal and insubordinate conduct against the President of the United States.

Gingrich points out that Wray, accompanied by Rosenstein, went to the White House to present their arguments, “make his case to the White House, they’re his superiors in the executive branch, and get turned down. He then goes back and apparently puts out a release, in effect it’s an open rebellion.”

Gingrich explains, “You have the Director of the FBI putting out a release attacking the President for what the President apparently has decided to do, because he didn’t listen to the head of the FBI. I mean this is a level of bureaucratic deep state resistance that should be educational for every American.”

“And it should raise two questions,” Gingrich says. “First of all, when you’re dealing with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department, it is a threat to the civil liberty of every American if they go rogue, if they think they’re on their own, if they think they’re unaccountable.”

He reminds the audience, “This is what was wrong with J. Edgar Hoover,” recommending that President Trump consider renaming FBI headquarters for that reason, calling Hoover “the personification of spying on Americans,” including MLK.

Gingrich continues, “He was the personification of using secret information for political power,” recommending the building be named after a civil libertarian as a reminder to those working there that they are under the law, not above it. He says, “You can’t go out here, have the President of the United States make a decision, and then you decide you’re going to fight him in public?”

“That breaks up the whole concept of an executive branch,” says Gingrich, “and it’s clearly a violation of the Constitution. The interview shifts to an op-ed by Judge Andrew Napolitano in which he wrote, “If the GOP memo is as advertised, we will see the deep state at its most frightening.”

Gingrich says, “The case here is very simple; did the Federal Bureau of Investigation use tainted campaign material, apparently paid for by the Clinton campaign, as an excuse to a federal judge to have wiretaps on Americans during a campaign. Now that is a very chilling concept, that they would lie to the judge, use material that we now know is totally phony, and then use that to be wire-tapping on the presidential candidate.”

He notes the reversal in the targets of investigation, saying, “We started out looking for ‘did the Russians collude in the American election and what we’re discovering is the FBI and the Justice Department colluded, that the real collusion was in the federal bureaucracy, not in the Kremlin and that it was apparently illegal. And that’s why, I think, they’re trying to cover it up.”


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