Rosenstein Asks Judge To Block Manafort Suit For DOJ-Mueller Overreach, Abuse of Power

By Rick Wells

Manafort is suing Rosenstein’s DOJ for overreach and abuse of power in their indictment against him. It’s outside of Mueller’s “mandate” but Rosenstein asking a judge to block his

Rod Rosenstein, the corrupt shill for the Democrats, has effectively taken over the Department of Justice, filling the void left by Jeff Sessions’ abdication by recusal. When DOJ attorneys act, they do so at his direction and with his approval. They follow his agenda, regardless of how anti-American, subersive or treasonous the motivations may be. With these corrupt officials in power, a DOJ lawsuit is often a matter of personal profiteering, power acquisition, protection or aggression, as with the Mueller witch hunt.

Rosenstein is also, as was reinforced by the Nunes memo, one of the corrupt anti-Trump deep state operatives working to overthrow President Trump. The obstructionist Rosenstein is now attempting to help cover his and his cronies’ own criminal wrongdoing and abuse of power by seeking to block one of their targets from suing, from seeking relief from their government tyranny.

Rosenstein, who acted criminally in deceiving a judge on a FISA warrant extension, is now asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, against Rosenstein’s buddy and Chief Trump Inquisitor, Robert Mueller.

Manafort claims in his suit that the DOJ, under Rosenstein’s direction, overstepped its authority when he appointed his good friend and colleague Mueller indicted him on conspiracy charges which were totally unrelated to anything during the campaign, the supposed directive under which Mueller’s fishing expedition is “justified.”

Rosenstein asked the court, on Friday, to dismiss the suit, which was filed last month. The lawsuit claims that Rosenstein lacked the legal authority to appoint Mueller, saying the action “exceeds the scope of Mr. Rosenstein’s authority to appoint special counsel as well as specific restrictions on the scope of such appointments.”

Additionally, Mr. Manafort argued that the charges against him for foreign lobbying on behalf of a pro-Russia political party in Ukraine should also be dismissed.

Rosenstein claims, through his minion DOJ lawyers, that Manafort’s arguments “lack merit,” and to substantiate that position, points to Rosenstein’s own December testimony before Congress in which he stated that Mueller’s Inquisition is being conducted within the established boundaries.

There’s nothing quite like an open ended, boundary-free investigation that is validated by a dirty cop referencing his own previous dubious claims as some bizarre sort of proof. In essence the Rosenstein lawyers stated that there’s no reason he should be allowed to sue as they’ve already decided they’re right and Manafort is wrong.”

They’re the big, crooked government – no individual should be allowed to exercise their Constitutional rights in opposition to their power. In that declaration the Rosenstein’s lawyers wrote, “The Special Counsel is properly operating within the scope of his authority, including with respect to Manafort’s ongoing criminal prosecution.”

As reported in The Hill, “Manafort now faces a 12-count indictment at the district court related to his foreign consulting work, including conspiracy against the U.S., tax evasion and money laundering.” Not one of those counts involves Russian meddling in the 2016 election and none of it involves the Trump campaign, the supposed justification for the witch hunt in the first place.

Rosenstein is simply attempting to cover his own tail and those of his fellow criminals and to bankrupt Manafort in the process, to make it too expensive for him to defend himself from their criminal, spurious attacks and unconstitutional abuse of power.

The Department of Justice is a sewer of corruption, with criminals in leadership positions who act with impunity and with no consideration of what is legal or appropriate, right or wrong; only what they think they can get away with. Manafort can order them to be deposed as part of his case preparation, under oath and have the rights of discovery in related areas of their choosing. That’s not something the DOJ and FBI criminals want to be subjected to. That’s why they’re so determined to prevent a lawsuit from going forward.

3 thoughts on “Rosenstein Asks Judge To Block Manafort Suit For DOJ-Mueller Overreach, Abuse of Power

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  2. Check out Rod Rosensteins wife

    Lisa Barsoomein

    Lisa is a lawyer

    With clients such as

    Hillary Clinton
    Bill Clinton
    Robert Mueller
    James Comey
    Barack Obama etc

    This list goes on

    It is believed that Lisa was the go between from Hillary to Rod at the DOJ

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