Abandoning Ship – Sinking DOJ Garbage Scow Loses 3rd In Command

By Rick Wells

AG Sessions has tied his own hands by recusing himself, has a swamp rat subversive as his deputy, and now is losing his number three in the leadership hierarchy, Rachel Brand

Rachel Brand is the third-ranking official at the Justice Department, and more importantly, next in the line of succession if and when Rod Rosenstein feels the door hit him in his backside as he is forced out. With all of the corruption among the deep state DOJ being exposed, any departure raises question of whether the heat is just too intense for those in the corrupt inner circle.

Brand’s resignation is expected today. The story being peddled is that she was enticed away by an offer of the top legal position at Wal-Mart, the kind of offer you can’t refuse. Hillary Clinton has had strong ties to the Arkansas corporation since her Rose Law Firm days while her husband was that State’s governor. She was a boardmember for six years and undoubtedly still has enormous influence.

It’s not hard to envision a phone call to get a potential leak plugged or this offer being a fulfillment of an offer previously made. That’s how the Clintons operate and under Obama, Holder and Lynch, how the DOJ operated as well. Perhaps Brand, who was confirmed last May, stumbled onto something, perhaps not. The job offer and resignation could be what they are presented as, but anytime you’re dealing with a criminal enterprise like the deep state Obama-Clinton-Soros Mafia, those suspicions naturally arise.

She previously worked for globalist shill George W. Bush as well as the anti-American jihadi Hussein Obama as the head of the Justice Department’s office of legal policy and as a member of an oversight board for privacy and civil liberties. Civil liberties is Obama administration lingo for black supremacy.

With Rod Rosenstein in the hot seat Brand must have known the potential for her to be promoted to deputy AG existed. That would have also put her leading the Mueller witch hunt, at least on an acting basis, so she’s walking away from that as well. She may have not wanted to taint her reputation by being party to that unseemly, anti-American activity or she could be attempting to get while the getting is good. At some point we’ll know and it may not be that far into the future.

With her departure Sessions and President Trump may be forced or perhaps, provided with a golden opportunity, to find someone from outside the DC DOJ sewer to put into that position. They need to choose carefully. Their track record isn’t very strong with Rosenstein, who begat Mueller, and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

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