Oops – Russian Indictments Form Basis for Prosecuting Steele, Clinton and Accomplices

By Rick Wells

Dossier author Christopher Steele was, like the Russians indicted by Mueller, a foreigner engaged in political activity within the United States. He and his accomplices, Clinton, DNC…

The latest, made for TV, episode of the Mueller inquisition is an obvious political ploy intended to benefit those engaged in the attack on President Trump and our nation.

But beyond simply the efforts to create insulation from repercussions of their criminality and abuse, the indictments by Mueller and his pet weasel, Rod Rosenstein, offer support for the immediate indictment of prominent Democrats involved in the 2016 campaign and their tools, both inside and outside of government. That includes the untouchable Hillary Clinton.

Attorney Robert Barnes noted in an article on the Law and Crime website that “Mueller indicted foreign citizens for trying to influence the American public about an election because those citizens did not register as a foreign agent nor record their financial expenditures to the Federal Elections Commission.”

He then logically applies those same justifications for prosecution to others involved in the witch hunt against President Trump. He asks when Grand Inquisitor Mueller will indict Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie, the DNC and the Clinton Campaign.

Barnes points out that the Mueller indictment against 13 Russian “trolls” for their social media posts and political activities were based upon four key factors. They were all foreign citizens, they attempted to influence an election, they were not registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act and had not reported the funding of their activities to the FEC.

He goes on to assert that if Steele is a criminal for his activities, then Fusion GPS is a co-conspirator with knowledge that Steele was a foreigner, whom they paid to influence an election and whom they knew had not reported the funding he received from the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign to the FEC.

Likewise Perkins Coie is complicit as well, for the same reasons, with the added deception of disguising their financial receipts as legal expenses. The DNC is guilty too, for the same reasons but with the financial transaction that is lied about being a payment to Steele laundered through Perkins Coie. The Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton are also in violation of the same laws as the DNC and for the same reasons.

Of course, Barnes knows better than to expect equal justice and an indictment of any of these DC swamp creatures, noting that Mueller chose his targets precisely because they are impossible to prosecute and because they support the Democrat “Russia interfered with our elections” narrative. Doing so also makes it appear as if he’s accomplished something, there really was some fire under all of their canned smoke and our millions of dollars to fund his political hit job were money well spent.

He points to the “novel” and weak positions underpinning the indictments. Mueller makes the presumption that one must register under the Foreign Agents Act in order to speak out about American politics and that a foreigner thus speaking must list their source and expenditure of funding to the Federal Election Commission. Speech police, grab your guns and duct tape.

He also questions the Mueller position that mistakes on visa applications constitute “fraud” being perpetrated against the State Department.

Barnes says, “All appear to borrow from the now-discredited ‘honest services’ theories Mueller’s team previously used in corporate and bribery cases, cases the Supreme Court overturned for their unconstitutional vagueness.” He contends there are legitimate concerns with the indictment violating the First Amendment and the due process protections of the Fifth Amendment.

But Mueller got the headlines and the spin opportunity he wanted and Democrats and their media colleagues can point to the indictments while falsely claiming to their ignorant supporters and MSM viewers that they were right all along. There won’t be any prosecutions of any Russians. No prosecutions were ever intended beyond the Trump administration.

Mueller just proved one thing beyond the shadow of a doubt, that his critics, who have decried his “investigation” as a political stunt, have been right all along.

2 thoughts on “Oops – Russian Indictments Form Basis for Prosecuting Steele, Clinton and Accomplices

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