(MORE FROM GENERATION TIDE POD EATERS) – Rubio Ambushed By Rudest, Entitled, Gun-Grabbing Spoiled Brat

By Rick Wells

Rubio went into the arena filled with anti-gun leftists knowing he’d be a target but may have been surprised by the abject rudeness of the ill-mannered juveniles the left declared…

Senator Marco Rubio had to know the ambush he was walking into when he agreed to participate in the forum. On stage, as if they were a panel of experts, were the Democrat globalist teen hit squad, assisted by CNN “Jake News” Tapper and the fossil, Rubio’s Democrat counterpart, Sen Bill Nelson, as well as Florida Governor Rick Scott.

All of them. with the exception of Rubio and Scott, are blatantly in the confiscation and disarmament camp. They were there to be targets and whipping boys of the left, particularly Rubio, who will run again and has been supported by the NRA. The entitled juveniles made it their mission to force him to swear off any future NRA funding. They failed and the rude punk threw a tantrum.

These supposed kids don’t act like kids, as the rude punk in the purple shirt, drunk on the attention he’s been given by the complicit media, demonstrates. They act like spoiled, entitled millennial brats, who believe the world revolves around them and they are someone specially qualified to dictate to the rest of us what we will do and what our country will become.


The punk, named Cameron Kasky, despicably compared Senator Rubio to a mass murderer, saying, “It’s hard to look at you and not look down the barrel of an AR-15 and not look at Nikolas Cruz.” That right there is a demonstration of the total lack of character of the trash pushing the Democrat gun control agenda, who are using their position and their age to insulate them from much deserved criticism.

This kid deserved a punch in the gut or maybe for his pants to be bent over right there, his pants pulled down and spanked on his bare butt with Rubio’s belt. If there weren’t tough bullying laws, he’d already be getting beat up by the good kids of his school on a regular basis. Maybe they’ll make an exception, someone needs to teach him some manners and respect for his elders.

He continues showing nothing but disdain for the Senator throughout the event, interrupting him and making snide remarks. Drama queen Kasky has one of his supposed friends stand up and asks Rubio to tell him he’s going to live. Rubio obediently does so.

Kasky then asks the next question, one Rubio surely expected, “Can you tell me that you will not accept a single donation from the NRA in the future?” The children cheered and stood, and the attention whore Kasky even jumped [at the 1:15 mark of the video], perhaps in an effort to encourage more to stand and express their admiration.

He’s got weird mannerisms himself, not unlike those of a mass murderer. The FBI needs to look at his background and mental health exams seem to be in order.

Having failed to elicit a pledge from Rubio not to accept donations from the NRA, the rude attention whore is told to sit down by Jake the Fake, after he appealed to the NRA not to support Rubio in the future. Tapper’s got an agenda to push, and this little boy has lost his luster. His fifteen minutes of fame are about to run out.

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