Nunes Tells Sessions DOJ Broke The Law – “The Crooked IG Will Get To It” Isn’t Gonna Cut It


By Rick Wells

Rep Devin Nunes sent a letter to DOJ cover man, AG Sessions, demanding an explanation for why DOJ procedures and laws were violated in FISA applications, one of…

Devin Nunes has taken the level of the involvement of AG Jeff Sessions in the investigation into corruption at the DOJ and FBI to include criminal activities that occurred while he was pretending to be Attorney General. Nunes sent a letter To Sessions on Thursday spelling things out.

Nunes told Sessions the surveillance warrant for Carter Page “appears to be a clear violation of FBI rules for submitting evidence to the FISA court and may also violate criminal statutes.” One of those warrant application was an extension submitted by deputy and de facto attorney general Rod Rosenstein, while Sessions was the figurehead AG. That’s a buck that he’ll have a much harder time passing on.

Catherine Herridge reports Nunes as stating, “The FBI’s strict set of internal rules and procedures, known as the DIOG,” quoting his letter as saying, “The accuracy of information contained within FISA applications is of utmost importance…Only documented and verified information may be used to support FBI applications to the [FISA] court.”


Herridge continues, “The letter questions how the unverified Trump dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele meets that standard for the original application in October, 2016, and at least three subsequent renewals. The Justice Department has until March 8th to explain whether the rules have changed.”

Nunes also warned AG Sessions that “the use of false and unverified information to secure a surveillance warrant could also be a violation of multiple criminal statutes, including conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and contempt of court.”

Sessions has had an easy time of it, claiming and exuding ignorance as the “recused” third party, able to manage affairs for the deep state and protect his fellow operative underlings from safety. That’s all changing now with the spotlight being shined by Rep Nunes.

Sessions and the other cockroaches have run out of places to hide, including behind the facade of their complicit Inspector General. The truth is now moving quickly and it is catching up to them.

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