Knife rampage in Vienna… Developing…

BREAKING: City centre knife rampage leaves ‘several injured’ as manhunt launched

By Nicholas Bieber / 

Several people are reportedly injured after a man went on a knife rampage in Vienna, Austria.

Unconfirmed reports say at least three people are “seriously injured” after the attacker “randomly attacked pedestrians”.

The three people are reported to be an Austrian family – a mum, dad and daughter – who were attacked outside a Japanese restaurant.


The attacker fled the scene near the city’s Nestroyplatz subway station and headed towards Praterstern station where he stabbed another person.

A major manhunt is now underway along the long stretch of road in Vienna’s second district Praterstrasse where the attacks took place.

The three injured victims have been rushed to hospital following the stabbing spree at 7.45pm local time.

The area is on lockdown with a heavy armed police presence.

An eyewitness told a local newspaper: “Suddenly women were screaming, then a man, then another woman.

“At first I did not dare to get out of it, but as more and more blue light approached, I dared to do it.


Policemen stand guard the Boulevard Emile Jacqmain – Emile Jacqmainlaan in the city centre of Brussels, where a man is alleged to have attacked soldiers with a knife and was shot.

“Several people were seriously injured.”


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