Gaetz – If Sessions Doesn’t Name 2nd Special Counsel, CLINTON and DEEP STATE WILL GET AWAY With It

By Rick Wells

Rep Matt Gaetz joins Lou Dobbs, calling for a second special counsel, now with Reps Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy also adding their political weight. If Sessions refuses to do so…

Lou Dobbs points out to his guest, Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL), that the revelations about Australian politician Alexander Downer and the supposed role he played in initiating the Russia collusion witch hunt are striking, but so is the delay in the FBI notifying Congress of the Downer’s $25 million relationship with the Clinton Foundation.


Once again foreign meddling in our election is ignored, this time meddling by the Australian government on behalf of Hillary Clinton, by Robert Mueller. Mueller also ignored the Clinton involvement in a scheme with Ukraine as well as the Clinton-Russia connection. But he’s all over President Trump’s personal business records that have absolutely nothing to do with collusion.

Downer is alleged to have engaged George Papadopoulos in a conversation that led to the fabricated Russia collusion witch hunt, but no mention was made by the FBI. It was exposed by journalists from The Hill, not through the honesty or integrity of the FBI.

Gaetz says, “What we have learned, Lou, is that so many of these scandals tie back to the Clinton Foundation because the Clinton Foundation was the bribe-taking apparatus that allowed the Clintons to be able to use their influence to always avoid consequences and trouble.”

He says, “Here’s what we know. If Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not appoint a second special counsel, the Clintons will get away with it again and the folks at the deep state will get away with it again. Because, as much as we can do in Congress to expose facts, to tell the American people what happened, we can’t go put handcuffs on anybody. We can’t impanel a grand jury and we can’t throw anybody in jail.”

Gaetz contends, “That’s why a second special counsel is needed. The FBI and the Department of Justice can’t investigate themselves and we need to hold people accountable for the crimes that have been committed.”

Dobbs says that a week or two ago he might have argued over the need for a second counsel but he’s recognized that it’s an absolute necessity now. He says, ‘It’s now time for Jeff Sessions to step up as Attorney General and to name a second special counsel.”

He points out that “The weight of the argument has grown with the addition of Judiciary chairman Goodlatte and Oversight Committee chairman Trey Gowdy now calling for a second special counsel.” Dobbs notes the reversal by Gowdy from his long-standing objections, saying, “By the way, just days after he said he didn’t want any such thing.”

Dobbs also asks where the Speaker of the House is, his absence and lack of leadership on this issue are a betrayal of his duty to the American people.


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