Rosenstein Admits He Doesn’t Care What America Thinks, Witch Hunt Will Go On

By Rick Wells

Rod Rosenstein is an important guy as long as the Mueller witch hunt continues, so it’s going to be ongoing for a long time, at least until Trump is out of office. He admitted so…

If anyone needed any more evidence that the Mueller “investigation” is a political witch hunt and nothing more, they need only listen to the words of the corrupt DOJ official who named his good friend and political comrade in arms to the predatory position, deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

In an interview published Monday in USA Today, the same day that the House Intelligence Committee ending their investigation with no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion ever being discovered, and with the same failure to find evidence in the almost year-long Mueller probe, Rosenstein declined to put a stop to the disruptive and treacherous nonsense.

He stated he doesn’t believe “there is any justification” for ending the railroad fishing trip. After all, it’s just taxpayer money and Trump is a threat to the establishment. It has to continue until he’s brought down, however long that takes.

Rosenstein “reassured” America, saying, “The special counsel is not an unguided missile.” Ok, Rodentstein, let’s call it a misguided one, if it makes you feel better. He added, “I don’t believe there is any justification at this point for terminating the special counsel.” Trump is still our President so Mueller has much more work to do.

After stating that the Mueller witch hunt isn’t unguided, Rodentstein went on to say that oversight of the Inquisition takes up only “a fraction” of his time on a daily basis. If he intended to tell us that it’s negligible, than it seems it is unguided. Then again half is a fraction, so is three fourths. That’s a pretty meaningless statement. Aside from Rosenstein’s time it also takes up millions of our dollars and too much of President Trump’s attention. His time is much more valuable than that of a self-aggrandizing deputy AG.

But being a political tool of the establishment has no bounds, so the farce will continue. In making it perfectly clear that Hillary Clinton isn’t alone in considering herself to be above the law in DC, he said, “I believe much of the criticism will fall by the wayside when people reflect on this era and the Department of Justice.” He’s going to let us criticize all we want and let history be the judge, the mark of a true unelected dictator.

He continued, “I’m very confident that when the history of this era is written, it will reflect that the department was operated with integrity.” And until then we Americans can go pound sand, Rosenstein and Mueller have both gone rogue, they’ll do as they damn well please.

Rosenstein said he feels “very confident” in his ability to do his job, that “In any political job, you recognize that your time is going to be limited. My goal is to get as much done for as long as I’m here in the job.” Not in prosecuting criminals and deep state subversives who have made a laughing stock of the FBI and DOJ, but in persecuting our President.

“And when my time is up, whenever that may be, I’m confident that I’m going to be able to look back proudly on the work our department has done while I’ve been fortunate enough to be here.” That’s a sentiment that will be shared by many, such as Hillary Clinton, Hussein Obama, James Comey and Andrew McCabe – the Obama-Clinton-Soros Mafia.

They’ll look back and consider themselves fortunate as are filled with sick, evil pride that another crook like them was in charge of things, and they beat the system, they defeated our Constitution.

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