Swedish Woman Escapes to Hungary Amid Migrant Crisis

Woman says many Swedes fleeing Islamized country

By Dan Lyman Monday, March 19, 2018

A Swedish woman who recently fled to Hungary after living there for nearly 40 years shared her experience with Hungarian media in a gripping television interview, detailing a rapid deterioration in safety and security due to the migrant invasion.

Natalie Contessa is a dual citizen of both nations, but after spending the majority of her life in Sweden, she felt compelled to escape to her motherland, telling Hungarian state broadcaster M1 that many of her friends and family are also emigrating to less dangerous Western countries.

“There is no safety at all. With all those migrants they let into the country, unfortunately the situation got worse,” Contessa said. “For example, you can’t travel in the daytime on the metro in Stockholm where I lived, because the migrants sexually assault women, and nobody helps. The police do not come out.”

“You might sit in a coffee house during the daytime, and suddenly five or six migrants run in, 15 or 16-years-old, and threaten you with a knife. They take your mobile phone and your bag.”

She explained that many jobs are being handed over to inexperienced migrants, including in hospitals where she worked, fueling a growing exodus by Swedish medical professionals to other countries, like Norway.

She also asserted that hospitals have become dangerous, with sexual assaults on the rise as they become packed with Islamic migrants notorious for preying on Swedish women.

“A lot of Swedish nurses who work in the hospital leave their jobs, because they get sexually molested, even in the workplace,” Contessa said, adding that there is an overwhelming suppression of these stories by government, media and even leftist bullies, where those who speak out are slandered, ostracized – and even criminally charged.

Contessa’s horrifying tale from the medical field is becoming the norm in many European localities, where migrants riddled with formerly-eradicated diseases assault nurses and doctors, throwing feces and urine – one Somali migrant even sexually assaulted an Italian woman while she was in labor.

“Gone are the days when Sweden was considered one of the world’s safest countries. The everyday situation in Sweden has become so dangerous that even personnel at Swedish hospitals have to fear for their lives,” Sputnik reported recently.“Gang members barging in with guns, knife-fighting in the waiting rooms and shooting victims dumped near entrances have all become the harsh reality of the emergency department at Malmö Hospital.”

Contessa asserted that only within the last three years has the atmosphere in Sweden rapidly darkened, prompting her planned emigration to Hungary, which was accelerated after she was sexually attacked on the subway while en route to work, and despite her cries for help, was ignored by capable bystanders who likely feared for their own safety if they intervened.

According to Hungarian media, shortly after the interview aired, a smear campaign was launched by left-wing media and Contessa was doxxed, resulting in her address being revealed, threats upon her life, and hacking of her social media accounts.

She is now living under security protection provided by former special forces soldiers.

The latest data collected by the National Crime Prevention Council found that there exist 61 Islamic ‘no-go zones’ in Sweden, up from 55 a year ago.


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