Reminder: Liberal hero Robert Mueller lied about Iraq’s non-existent WMDs (VIDEO)

CIA Director George Tenet (L) and FBI Director Robert Mueller listen to remarks during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on worldwide threats to U.S. security, on Capitol Hill, February 11, 2003. © Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

The 15th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq has evoked many inconvenient memories for America – including the fact that Russiagate heartthrob Robert Mueller lied about Iraq’s WMDs, paving the way for war.

Currently serving as the head of an “independent” investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, Mueller wasn’t always hailed by liberals as a brave crusader for democracy and truth. Actually, the liberal love affair with Mueller is a rather recent phenomenon.


A month before the ill-fated invasion began, then-FBI Director Robert Mueller endorsed the Bush administration’s bogus case for war with Iraq. On February 11, 2003, Mueller testified before Congress that, “as Director Tenet has pointed out, Secretary Powell presented evidence last week that Baghdad has failed to disarm its weapons of mass destruction, willfully attempting to evade and deceive the international community. Our particular concern is that Saddam Hussein may supply terrorists with biological, chemical, or radiological material.”


Mueller’s other high-integrity accomplishments is overseeing an FBI gone wild, in which “thousands” of people in the United States – particularly those of Arabic origin – were “rounded up” as part of the bureau’s post-9/11 “anti-terrorism”efforts. “Headquarters encouraged more and more detentions for what seem to be essentially PR purposes. Field offices were required to report daily the number of detentions in order to supply grist for statements on our progress in fighting terrorism,” one FBI special agent recalled.
Mueller’s FBI also blamed the wrong guy for the 2001 anthrax mailings. (The wrongfully-accused anthrax-shipper was cleared of wrongdoing – six years after being declared a “person of interest” in the case.)


In a more recent triumph, Mueller testified in 2013 that the National Security Agency’s vast, secretive domestic surveillance program aimed at ordinary Americans could have “derailed” the 9/11 attacks. Yet another ringing endorsement for truth and freedom.

Apparently unconcerned by his well-documented history of deceit and investigative fumbles, the mainstream media continues to hail Mueller as a shining beacon of integrity.


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