NY Times Bans ‘Killing the Deep State’ From Bestseller List – (THIS IS WHY THEY WANT OUR GUNS AMERICA)


Jerome Corsi‘s red-hot new book “Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump” is a runaway bestseller — but you’d never know that from reading The New York Times.

In an interview with Newsmax TV, Corsi said that he’s not entirely surprised at his book’s exclusion from the high-profile list.

“They don’t want any book that will support President Trump, who they detest, to be on The New York Times bestseller list. Even if the book legitimately outsells most of the other books,” he said during an appearance on “Newsmax Now.”

“It’s completely disgraceful and dishonest. But again, The New York Times is disgraceful and dishonest these days.”

Corsi told host Kirsten Haglund the Times is aware of how influential its list of top-selling books is. Better placement can lead to more sales, which generally garners more attention and opportunities for the author.

“So if they deny you from being on The New York Times bestseller list, they’re trying to have a suppression campaign to make sure that nobody reads ‘Killing the Deep State,'” Corsi said.

“They have control over a lot of the book industry and they know it. And that’s the disadvantage.”

“Killing the Deep State” debuted last week at No. 10 on the non-fiction hardcover list compiled by Nielsen BookScan, the book industry’s only nationally recognized sales tracking list.

And yet, the influential New York Times Book Review inexplicably has not listed “Deep State” on its hardcover bestseller list, despite the fact it outsold many of the books that did make its list.

For example, going by sales reported by Nielsen, “Killing the Deep State” should have landed at No. 4 on the Times’ April 1 list of its Top 15 print hardcover bestsellers, right after Tara Westover’s “Educated” (Random House).

But instead, the Times’ No. 4 spot is held by “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark,” by Michelle McNamara, (Harper) even though it sold hundreds of copies less than “Deep State” did.

“Killing the Deep State” also sold substantially more copies than the 11 other books on the list, including such titles as “Obama” by Pete Souza, “Leonardo Da Vinci” by Walter Isaacson, and “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah.

Now Newsmax has learned that the Times has snubbed “Deep State” on its April 8 bestseller list as well.

Its second week of phenomenal sales should have put “Killing the Deep State” in the No. 5 position on the Times’ list. But you won’t see it there, either, despite having sold more than double the amount of copies of many others that are listed by the Times.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that the presales of “Killing the Deep State” shot it to No. 6 on the Amazon best-seller list earlier this month.

“Killing the Deep State” is published by Humanix, a subsidiary of Newsmax. When Newsmax reached out to Brian Kennedy who answered the phone at The New York Times best-seller list to ask about the book’s absence in the face of Nielsen BookScan’s numbers, he issued a terse, “No comment.”

He declined to answer any other questions.

Read Newsmax Article: NY Times Bans ‘Killing the Deep State’ From Bestseller List | Newsmax.com
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