By Rick Wells

Just because Trump, as a newcomer to the DC Swamp, selected Rosenstein, Wray and Sessions for leadership positions doesn’t mean they’re not part of the plot to overthrow him….

Maybe it was a wise choice, in view of the thuggish misconduct of Mueller and his team of FBI Jack Boots for Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing to decide not to join President Trump’s legal team. Nobody wants to have their office or home raided by Soros goons posing as law enforcement agents.


Dobbs sets up the interview reviewing the actions of the witch hunters, saying, “Investigators, acting on a referral by special counsel Robert Mueller, seized records” related to Cohen’s payments to the skank videoprostitute Stormy Daniels. “Meanwhile, the Department of ‘Justice’ has put a Trump-appointed US Attorney, in charge now of releasing documents that should have already been turned over to two committees.”

Those documents relate to the Hillary Clinton email crimes, criminal Obama unmasking, FISA warrant abuses and other crimes committed by corrupt officials which are deliberately being kept out of the reach of Congress by Sleazeball Jeff Sessions and his gang of obstructionists.

Victoria Toensing leads off, saying, “Mueller and his gang have weaponized the criminal justice system. These no-knock raids that were done on his personal lawyer’s house and offices, those are the kinds of tactics that are reserved for dope dealers and for terrorists. I know, I used to be a narcotics prosecutor. This is not the regular order for subpoenaing, that’s what should have happened, for getting records from a lawyer.”

She says, “You should issue a subpoena and say what documents you want, and then the attorney hands them over, which, as I understand it, Cohen has been doing all along.” Dobbs asks diGenova, “What is it about Mueller that is so thuggish?” He calls the raid “an act of bad faith by the special prosecutor, even though he was not responsible for the raid. He caused it to occur through the southern district of New York.”

DiGenova says, “These are what is called ‘in terrorem tactics.’ They are using the grand jury in a terroristic way in order to frighten people, to intimidate people, and to try and influence the conduct of the President of the United States. I think what Mr. Mueller has done, under the guidance of Mr. Rosenstein and the assistance of FBI Director Wray, is disgraceful.”

He continues, “I think it is an embarrassment to the Department of ‘Justice’ and the fact that they’re not embarrassed tells you something about these three people, Mueller, Wray and Rosenstein.” He says it’s clear  to him that they “are anti-Trumpers, this is not a good-faith federal investigation, it is designed to embarrass the President, and I believe that they have determined that they want to take him down.”

DiGenova says, “I think this is one of the most disgraceful events in American law enforcement in the history of our country and should be an embarrassment to all three of them but apparently is not.” Toensing says she believes that they are trying to goad President Trump into firing them because they have no case and haven’t found anything that connects him to Russia.

Dobbs asks where is the Bar Association, where is the legal profession, “why aren’t judges, the Supreme Court, someone with integrity and established standing up” and “saying we’re not going to tolerate this kind of conduct?” DiGenova explains that most of them are liberal ideologues, particularly the ABA which he says is “anti-Trump to its core.” He encourages Americans to voice their opposition to this outrageous misconduct by these government hijacking hacks.

DiGenova says, “I’m so furious at Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray, who have disappeared from the plan of action. I have now concluded beyond any doubt that they are both anti-Trumpers and that they are actively engaged in trying to take down the President of the United States.”

It’s nice to have them joining the rest of us who came to that conclusion over a year ago.



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