By Rick Wells

Carlson notes the hypocrisy and dishonesty of Comey and how the partisan hack never should have been made FBI Director in the first place. It’s why Obama gave…


Tucker Carlson dug into the full transcript of the five-hour plus interview James Comey had with George Stephanopoulos, the remnants left on the cutting room floor, he determined, were of much more value than the propaganda presented for public consumption.

Carlson determines what he and the rest of us had already assumed, that James Comey had no business being FBI Director, his basis for the latest confirmation of that position being that “he’s too partisan.” He says, “Trump’s main mistake was in not firing him on inauguration day.”

He points out that Comey defended his prosecution of Martha Stewart for lying to federal prosecutors and attacks General David Petraeus, who Comey says should have been charged with more than the lone charge of mishandling classified information, that he should have gone to prison for lying. Comey seems unconcerned with having to contrast that statement against his own Clinton cover up.

Carlson quotes Comey as saying, “‘Lying strikes at the heart of our rule of law in this country.’ Fair enough, the powerful should be held accountable for their misdeeds. But then Comey goes on to talk about the Mark Rich case,” where Bill Clinton sold a pardon to a fugitive felon on his last day in office.

Comey said he has never heard of another case where a fugitive from justice was pardoned. Stephanopoulos asked if Comey drew any conclusions, to which he replied, “Nope, none at all.” Carlson opines, “Selling a presidential pardon to a fugitive says nothing whatsoever about the Clintons or their character and by the way, that Hillary Clinton is awfully smart and hardworking.”

Tucker points out that Obama was repeatedly preaching to America and his criminal DOJ that Hillary Clinton did nothing intentionally wrong throughout this time. Asked if he thought that Obama was acting on Clinton’s behalf, Comey pleaded ignorance, saying, “I don’t know.”

Carlson knows what’s going on and he’s not too shy to spell it out, saying, “There’s a theme here. Again and again partisan Democrats get every benefit of every doubt from Jim Comey. He can’t rush to conclusions, that is until he sees the white circles under Donald Trump’s eyes, then he’s happy to speculate.”

“Comey says repeatedly that lying is what bothers him most,” notes Carlson. “He’s devoted his life to fighting against dishonesty. That’s why he wrote the book, he says. But Comey also says former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is the public servant he admires most. That’s right, the very same James Clapper who lied to Congress, falsely claiming that intelligence agencies don’t spy on Americans when he knew perfectly well that they do.”

After playing a clip of Clapper lying to Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, a fellow commie Democrat, Carlson notes that Clapper committed perjury and that Comey let him get away with it, unlike Martha Stewart. He also raises the false claims, lies if you will, in which Comey claimed for certain that Putin was working in concert with the Trump campaign, a conclusion which cannot be made based upon the facts. “Comey is passing off speculation as fact,” says Carlson.

He notes the inconsistencies between the claims and the FBI actions, with them never inspecting the DNC servers to make sure they actually were hacked. There is, to this date, no evidence that the Russians were involved in what many believe was an inside job by the murdered Seth Rich on the DNC server or the Podesta Gmail account.

Carlson points out that “we just take that on faith, (not all of us) everyone repeats it like it’s true. But why should we believe that without actual proof?” That’s a particularly unwise course of action, given the fact that it is liars like Comey, Clapper and Brennan making those statements as to the veracity of the information.


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