By Rick Wells

Rod Rosenstein has been stalling for months in turning over the Comey memos. Now that they’re threatening his job, the rat has discovered he “needs more time,”… scrambling to hide the

DOJ Swamp Rat Rod Rosenstein has had months to prepare James Comey’s seven memos for release to Congress, but he never intended to comply, so all of that time was spent in other endeavors protecting the Obama-Clinton-Soros Mafia. He expected Congressional leaders to take “no” for an answer.

Video below

They are insisting on yes and apparently there are things in the memos that make him or the rest of the scumbags running the FBI and DOJ look bad. He’s now asking for extra time, the kind that Paul Manafort or Michael Cohen might have liked to have, to figure out a new scheme for not providing Congress with what they are demanding.

Catherine Herridge reports, “After missing last night’s deadline, the Justice Department sent this letter asking for more time to review and provide the Comey memos to Congress. There are believed to be seven memos in all documenting his conversations with President Trump, and the holdup is over classification and the ‘Russia probe.’”

The Rosenstein letter was sent to Reps Nunes, Goodlatte and Gowdy. Herridge says it reads, in part, “Department officials are consulting with the relevant parties…one or more of the memos may relate to an ongoing investigation, may contain classified information, and may report confidential Presidential communications, so we have a legal duty to evaluate the consequences of providing access to them.”

Those considerations never stopped Andrew McCabe, James Comey or Robert Mueller from leaking in the past and Rosenstein and DOJ have had plenty of time to address those issues while they were stalling for time over the past few months, as they are doing now.

Herridge notes, “Some Republicans complain of a double standard after Comey went on ABC, wrote a book, and leaked some memos to a friend and academic.” They play a clip of Rep John Ratcliffe (R-TX) observing that “Law professors and reporters can see those but members of Congress, including the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee and the Judiciary Committee, with security clearances, haven’t been able to see them.”

He says, “I think that’s an outrageously untenable position. We’ve demanded that we see them and I think that we will get to see them.” They’d better.

Herridge also notes a portion of the history of lying in this regard by scumbag Comey, saying, “The former FBI Director told ABC News the leaked memos were appropriate and unclassified,” adding, “investigators for Senator Chuck Grassley found four of the seven memos contained classified intelligence at the secret or confidential level and that it’s likely at least one of the leaked memos was classified at the time. The new deadline is in fact tomorrow.”

Things were much simpler a week or two ago, when the three Congressmen making the demands stated that a failure to produce by last Thursday’s deadline would mean impeachment for Rosenstein, Wray and Sessions. This is what happens when you give a swamp snake an inch, when they are extended courtesies that they don’t deserve – they use it to further obstruct and manipulate.

Simplify things again, Congress. The obstructionist are daring you to make good on your threats. Impeach Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray, at a minimum. The trash is stinking up the place.



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