By Rick Wells

No recusal is required for globalists like Lynch, Rosenstein or the judge deciding Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s fate. Judge Kimba Wood performed Soros’ wedding…

 It seems that the only ones who recuse themselves in this corrupt federal judiciary and “law enforcement” system of ours are the occasional odd politicians, such as Jeff Sessions, who are better able to be of service to the deep state as an obstructionist from the sidelines. The rest of the conflicted globalist agents stay put and are protected by the corrupt system.

Such is the case of Kimba Wood, Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

She’s the individual who made the decision against Trump attorney Michael Cohen, to allow biased anti-Trump FBI agents who improperly seized all of his records from his private office, home and temporary residence, in cooperation with the Mueller witch hunt, to look at everything and decide what they’ll give to Mueller, what they’ll tell him about “off the record,” and what they pinky-promise to immediately forget.

But Kimba Wood is as conflicted as Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Christopher Wray and the rest of the criminal cabal. She’s a George Soros insider and friend, so intimate that she was chosen to perform his most recent wedding ceremony back in September of 2013. Yes, these are the same globalists who control the Democrat Party and have bought off much of the RINOs in the corrupt Congress, including Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

On Monday, the globalist insider Wood ruled that a government taint [tainted would be more accurate] team can weed out privileged documents, reading everything in the process and likely passing on valuable information off the record to those engineering the coup.

She left open the possibility that once the enemies of President Trump have had a chance to look at everything, maybe she’ll allow a third party to come in and go through the motions, once it’s too late, in  the interest of “the perception of fairness.” In other words, after the damage is done she’ll try to unring the bell to make things look good, on the up and up.

She said, “I have faith in the Southern District prosecutors, that their integrity is unimpeachable.” That’s the same load of crap the globalists were shoveling out about Rosenstein and Mueller in the beginning, before their actions caught up with them.

It’s the district of vitriolic omnipresent Trump hater and former US Attorney Preet Bharara, whom she also knows well and likely shares a strong relationship with. A little combination payback for your chum and service to your globalist master, there Kimba? If she had any concept of integrity herself she wouldn’t have officiating Soros’ wedding and she’d be recused from the case.

The Swamp is huge, extending to the north all the way to New York.

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