By Rick Wells

Levin has done his homework, explaining Mueller is powerless to indict Trump and why he should ignore him completely. The US Office of Legal Counsel ruled Nixon…

Mark Levin has read the Comey memos and says, “These memos actually help the President, there is nothing incriminating in them.” He holds up the memos, saying, “See these redacted areas? They incriminate Comey, because he said he didn’t release classified information. At the bottom of a number of these pages it says “classified.”


Levin characterizes President Trump in the content of the memos as being furious about these allegations, about prostitutes and you know, and so forth. And he continually denies it, that didn’t happen and so forth and so on.”

Noting a statement by Rosenstein to President Trump last week informing him that he’s not the target of an investigation but a subject, Levin says, “Let’s get something straight.” He has two memorandum, “one under the Nixon administration, one under the Clinton administration.”

“The Clinton Administration memorandum,” says Levin, “is thirty-nine pages long with a zillion footnotes. And here’s what it says, America and this is what you need to know that’s been going on to your country. The memo is addressed to the Attorney General of the United States from the Office of Legal Counsel, which handles Constitutional issues.”

He continues, “‘The indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting president would unconstitutionally undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its Constitutionally assigned functions.’ Page after page after page, saying a sitting United States President cannot be indicted.”

Levin says, “Now, my question is this – did they issue another memo over there at the Justice Department reversing these two memos, during the Nixon administration and the Clinton administration? No. Mr. Rosenstein, you’re the Deputy Attorney General of the United States, you’ve been overseeing Robert Mueller.”

“You tell the President of the United States last week that he’s not a criminal target. Dammit, he can’t be a criminal target under the memoranda that have been written by the Justice Department. Moreover, Justice Department regulations require the special counsel of the United States to follow the rules, regulations and ‘policies’ of the Department of Justice.”

Having shown that the whole proceeding is a paper tiger and a farce, Levin urges, “Mr. President, don’t sit down with this special counsel. This special counsel doesn’t have the power to indict you and for good reason.

He then reads a related interpretation by the DOJ which he summarizes as saying, “Mr. Mueller’s boss, Mr. Rosenstein’s boss, unless Attorney General Sessions has rejected the Department of Justice’s position that a sitting president cannot be indicted. So what are we doing?”

He then goes on to repeat a call for AG Sessions to step down, as the Deputy AG is running amok and Sessions is failing to perform his duty to protect the President from an out of control, drunk on his own power, partisan hack intent on running him out of office.

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