By Rick Wells

Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell is sure the DNC and Mueller discussed the fact their witch hunt is running out of gas and time, conspiring for a witch hunt lawsuit to…

 Lou Dobbs begins with the announcement by Reps Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy that they’ve reached a secret agreement for document production to their committees by the DOJ, without providing any specifics as to how, how many, what, when and in what stage of redaction those documents will be delivered.

We’re supposed to just trust that Mr. Benghazi Committee and Establishment Bob are acting in our interests and not those of the swamp creatures. That’s more or less exactly the type of shenanigans we expected when these two suddenly, out of nowhere, became the face of the investigation into DOJ corruption. Shall we say, along with Rosenstein, Wray and Sessions, the faces of the cover up. The best way to obstruct is to be on the inside, pretending to be objective and transparent.

On Sunday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes revealed on Maria Bartiromo’s program that there was absolutely no intelligence information underlying the undertaking of the Russia-Trump collusion investigation. It was completely crafted as a political witch hunt without a shred of evidence or anything else indicating that the collusion or any crimes existed.

Dobbs asks Chris Farrell why the “investigations” persist with nothing to indicate there is any legitimacy to them. On the Democrat side there is plenty to indicate wrongdoing on their part, including as it relates to two political operatives, Cody Shearer and Sydney Blumenthal. Dobbs notes, “Their role in this looks profound, important and yet, we hardly hear their names.”

Dobbs points out that James Comey admitted last Wednesday that the deep state exists and then tried to put a spin on it to indicate it was some sort of patriotic alliance. That’s what Hitler would have called his SS.

Farrell calls it “more virtue posturing by Mr. Comey, not that he’s talking about himself, of course, but there are American heroes who know better. So keep your heads down and obey, because we have all the right answers.” Dobbs calls it “gag-worthy.” Farrell agrees, “It’s insulting, it really is insulting. And it’s so self-referential in the way he says it.”

Farrell jokes that the reason for the lawsuit by the DNC against Trump, Russia and WikiLeaks is because DNC Chairman Tom Perez wants his money back. He says Perez “paid for a dossier that was supposed to tank Trump in connection with the Russian government and it didn’t work so I guess they want their money back.”

He gets serious, saying, “The real story is that, I believe that Democratic operatives in the Mueller operation have told them, ‘Look, we’ve got a big zero, we’re in a slow motion meltdown over here. So go out and file a civil suit to continue the publicity stunt and allow them to talk endlessly about it because the civil litigation will drag on into the next century.”

Dobbs asks if he thinks there was coordination between the Mueller camp and the DNC with the lawsuit. Farrell says he can’t prove it but his gut instincts tell him that whether it was at a cocktail party or a kid’s soccer game, someone said, ‘hey look, here’s a bright idea. We’re not going anywhere but you can do something civilly and you can use the discovery process to churn up maximum confusion.”

As they close out the interview the pair note that the reciprocity of discovery has not been lost on the Trump administration. Democrats must really be desperate to open themselves up to that level of under oath testimony.

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