By Rick Wells

Gowdy and Goodlatte will let DOJ hide 800,000 docs they’ve been refusing to provide in exchange for 400,000 that they’ll keep secret from us. Obstruction blessed by…

Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL) gives President Trump high marks for his handling of the Iran situation and for not hiding in the safety of the business as usual of his predecessors, most egregiously that of his Islamic predecessor, Hussein Obama, that got us into the mess we’re in. He applauds him for being willing to take the bull by the horns on both Iran and North Korea and do what needed to be done.


Dobbs then turns “to the deep state and the investigations into the Clinton investigation. You have led a group of eleven lawmakers calling for a criminal referral on Comey, Clinton, McCabe et al. Have you gotten a response from either FBI Director Christopher Wray or Attorney General Jeff Sessions?”

DeSantis replies, “Not directly, but the next day after we sent the letter McCabe was referred for criminal prosecution for false statements. Then the day after that Comey was referred to the Inspector General [an internal affairs watchdog that cannot compel him to do anything].”

DeSantis says, “I think ultimately that’s going to need to be a criminal referral because he maliciously leaked government documents, two of them were classified. He made statements to the Congress that are false, we now know that. So I think the IG is just one intermediate step. I think Comey has got a lot of exposure. So I haven’t heard directly but we have seen action now that we highlighted this.”

DeSantis says the other criminals, Peter Strzok and the like still have to be dealt with so they’re going to stay on it. What about Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Peter Ohr, Sydney Blumenthal, John Brennan, Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama, Congressman? Are Comey, McCabe and Strzok enough of a scapegoat for the deep state to provide cover for the big fish?

He points to the double standard of justice, but he might be in for a bigger shock than he realizes as the two investigative committees he sits on are chaired by suspected deep state operatives who have maneuvered themselves into positions of exclusive control over the missing 1.2 million documents.

They’ve agreed to accept one third of what they’ve been denied and to do so in secret, with redactions as deemed appropriate by the deep state DOJ. DeSantis may end up being obstructed in his efforts by his own committee chairmen, who have agreed that the American people and the rest of Congress will never get to see the evidence of corruption that Goodlatte and his staffers get to see.

If they’re not going to be prosecuted what is the point? The point is exactly that – to make sure that Obama, Clinton, Soros and their syndicate are never prosecuted. Goodlatte and Gowdy are pulling off an inside job, providing cover from within the ranks of the “good guys.”

Dobbs points out that the deal means there are twice as many documents that Congress won’t have access to, 800,000, asking “what are they playing at, Congressman? DeSantis replies, “We need to figure out what’s so special about these 400,000. Maybe there’s a reason [like a sweetheart deal to protect the criminal elites], but all I know is this, for the last six to eight months, every time we’ve wanted something they’ve stonewalled and the only time we get it is when we threaten to hold them in contempt or take action.”

That’s a primary reason why Gowdy and Goodlatte had no business making this deal. There is no way the important info will find its way beyond their hands and they’ve given up their only leverage for demanding it. They should have done what they said they were going to do – demand the 1.2 million, and kick the bums out of office if they refused.

Instead we’ve got Benghazi Committee 2.0.


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