By Rick Wells

DOJ is continuing the cover up as they hand over a token amount of the Strzok-Page emails, to Congress, those that aren’t a threat to Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray and…

Rep Ron DeSantis isn’t fooled by the latest stunt pulled on Congress and the American people by the den of vipers that is the totally corrupt Sessions Justice Department, claiming to have turned over all of the text messages between treasonous love-snakes Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

DeSantis says, “I think this is incomplete production. I mean, we know their texting habits of how often they were texting in other periods. And so this is the period December of 2016, during the Trump transition, all the way up until the firing of James Comey and then the appointment of Robert Mueller as a special counsel. Yet there’s only forty-some pages there, there’s gaps, some of the stuff is incomplete.”

“So I don’t think that this is a full production,” says DeSantis. “I think that there’s more questions that this raises, and we’re going to have to go back to the Justice Department and ask them why they weren’t able to recover the full Strzok-Page text messages.”

Hannity comments that he’s had multiple sources telling him that “they suspect that there were other devices used as well. Is that your interpretation looking at this?” DeSantis replies, “Yes, and we also have reason to believe they were using something called the clean Gmail, which is everyone has access to  the account and you just do messages in the draft and then respond to draft, so you’re not actually sending emails.”

He also points out that, in addition to the changing of language as part of the liberation of Hillary Clinton from her legal jeopardy by Comey and Strzok, a declaration that multiple foreign intelligence agencies had hacked into Hillary Clinton’s email server “and that means top secret, classified, special access programming information was, in fact, obtained by America’s enemies, and none of it would have been redacted.”

Hannity isn’t satisfied with the “Junior Iran Nuclear Agreement style” deal negotiated by Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy to let the DOJ withhold 800,000 documents in exchange for the ability to secretly review, under a gag order, another 400,000 that DOJ gets to hand select as part of their cover up.

He tells Rep DeSantis, “There are apparently 50,000 of them [text messages] and 1.2 million pages that the Inspector General has that Congress needs to get. And I’m just urging Congress, if they don’t hand them over soon, you must hold these people in contempt and worse.”  DeSantis replies, “Without question.”

Congress needs some help. It’s past time for President Trump to stand up for Americans and for himself and step on the cockroach Jeff Sessions and the other traitors in the DOJ to put an end to this nonsense or immediately remove them. Name an acting AG for the remainder of his Presidency if need be, just get those treasonous scumbags out of there – now.


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