‘Why did Trump get away with it?’

 | – MAY 8, 2018

CNN’s Chris Chris Cillizza reacted to allegations that Democratic New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman verbally and physically abused women by devoting almost an entire article to bashing President Trump.

As Mike Cernovich and others pointed out, CNN initially buried the story about Schneiderman, placing it well below a top story about Trump’s tweet.

“Today CNN refused to cover the biggest story of the day because it implicated a Democrat. They have no standards. It’s not a media outlet, it’s a DNC public relations firm,” commented Cernovich.


When the network was finally forced to give the issue top billing, CNN Editor-at-large Cillizza wrote an opinion piece in which he lamented how Schneiderman was forced to resign and Trump wasn’t.

“How do some politicians survive these allegations?” asked Cillizza. “Trump is the ur-example of this phenomenon. Despite being caught on tape saying “When you’re a star, they let you do it … You can do anything.”

Cillizza seems to be incapable of grasping the basic meaning of words. When Trump said, “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” he specifically made reference to the fact that he got consent, which means whatever he is referring to, it wasn’t sexual assault.

Cillizza then spent the rest of the article whining about Trump, failing to ask any pertinent questions about whether Schneiderman’s behavior was allowed to continue as a result of his powerful political allies remaining silent, just as happened with Harvey Weinstein.

“Trump denied all the allegations and refused to quit. In fact, he turned the allegations in his political favor — arguing they were a creation of the liberal left — and the complicit media — designed to keep him from winning. Somehow the varied allegations became yet another arrow in Trump’s quiver — shooting and shooting and shooting at the status quo and political correctness,” complained Cillizza.

When not obsessing about Trump, Cillizza spent much of the rest of the piece blaming all men in general.

As Ryan Saavedra pointed out, CNN’s Brian Stelter also failed to point out that Schneiderman is a Democrat in his ‘Reliable Sources’ newsletter.




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