By Rick Wells

If Democrats are this stupid, which many of them are, they should be stripped of their citizenship and returned to that status as 3/5 of a person or even less, and their right to vote taken away. They’re too stupid and support their own eradication. That would be bad enough but they are determined to include the rest of America with them. We can’t let that happen.

They already made the point that they are in favor of the destruction of America by electing an Islamic jihadist as their deputy national committee chairman. Now that same America-hater has been videotaped campaigning in a shirt that says in a foreign language, Spanish, the language of the invasion, that he is opposed to America having borders.

video below

The enemy of the state, Rep Keith Ellison (D-MN), was seen sporting a t-shirt in a local May Day Parade, the traditional communist holiday, that read “Yo no creo en fronteras.” In the language of the United States, English, that translates into “I don’t believe in borders.” Is it any wonder patriots in America can’t get defense of our nation, a border wall, approved by a turncoat Congress?

But Kommie Keith isn’t stopping there. At a recent panel discussion in Minneapolis he said, “I personally do think that the universal basic income [confiscated from other, productive people] — it has a lot of merit. As people are displaced, the truth is there’s still plenty of stuff for people to do.”

He attempted to legitimize his idiocy for the idiots that he could mislead, saying, “I don’t think that universal basic income means people sit around. I think it means they do other things that are necessary, like extra folks in the classroom to help out the teacher.”

If he’s talking about college students helping out a teacher, they’re voluntarily placing themselves in that position and not being paid, what they do is up to them so long as it isn’t mandatory.

In situations where it might be mandated, it’s not much different from indentured servitude. Slavery is something one might expect a pandering Democrat to claim they are opposed to, especially a black one. It’s also dangerously close to the collectivism of communists. None of it is an improvement over America as it was just fifty years ago or even as it is today.

Wake up Democrats. The patriots of this nation aren’t going to allow you to destroy our country. If you are determined to live under slavery, move to Cuba. We’re not going to let you turn this nation into a communist hellhole. You’re close enough already, and we’ve pretty much had enough of your crap.

That goes for the yellow glasses jihadi idiot, Keith Ellison, most particularly. We can imagine he’ll find a lot of patriots willing to explain things to him personally. His shirt might as well say “You know creo en America,” except that he’s a Democrat – and they never tell the truth.


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