By Rick Wells

Louie Gohmert is not optimistic that DOJ will suddenly become cooperative and turn over documents requested on Comey’s bag man, Daniel Richman. He expects…

Rep Louie Gohmert is asked about demands by two committee chairmen, Goodlatte and Gowdy, for information from the DOJ and FBI as to just what was Comey’s leaker buddy Daniel Richman’s real status at the FBI. The pair of committee chairman, who are often in a supportive posture to the obstructionists at DOJ, occupying positions where true bulldogs like the Gowdy of old and the Devin Nunes of today would actually be able to get results, have sought disclosure of the nature of Richman’s employment at the FBI.


The questions cited by host Melissa Francis include his “responsibilities, his security level status, who hired him, the degree of access he had to the FBI and DOJ, communications, documents, performance reviews, and any records. She asks, “What do you expect to see there?”

Gohmert replies, “Well, we want to find out what his role there really was. Apparently he was leaker-in-chief, as Comey said he didn’t consider what he gave to his ‘leaker person,’ the ‘special person’ leaking, but he’s going to find out – he’s violating the law, he’s violating regulations.”

Gohmert mocks the response from dirty cop Rod Rosenstein to questions in which he stated that they don’t put much stock in anonymous sources. Gohmert says, “because it’s very clear they want people who hate Donald Trump, that want him to be removed as President, that will do anything, I mean set him up, use false information, whatever, that’s the kind of people they prefer. But if you don’t absolutely hate Donald Trump and want him removed, Rosenstein doesn’t really care about using you for a source.”

Francis notes that the DOJ has said they’re going to respond to the request this afternoon, asking, “Do you really believe they’re going to turn over documents that answer all of these questions or do you think the response is going to be something like, ‘Here’s your response – we’re not going to give it to you.’?”

Gohmert bases his reply on the past, saying, “Anything that may be damaging they will try to cover up. They will swear that it’s going to reveal national secrets that put lives at risk, and then once again when we get the information we find out no lives were at risk, only reputation, only potential violations of regulations and the law. So yeah, generally they try to cover up anything embarrassing.”

Gohmert cites the comments of Newt Gingrich who stated “we had no idea how weaponized the Department of Justice was at the top. And we’ve got to clean house and we need to know everybody’s position, who the players are, what relationships were there. And the fact that Comey kept this just basically to himself, certainly didn’t reveal it ever to Congress, is a big deal.”

Francis quotes Comey as saying he told Richman the contents of unclassified conversations with the President and that he doesn’t consider what he and Richman did to be leaking. Gohmert gets a big laugh out of that Comey whopper, saying, “No, they were not unclassified. At a minimum there was an executive privilege that can only be foregone by the President himself.

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