By Rick Wells

Detailing the corruption and grim prospects for salvaging our federal govt without Trump taking matters into his own hands, Dobbs asks if America is ready to say…

The Lou Dobbs interview of Chris Farrell begins with them coming to an easy agreement that James Comey is nauseating, that he’s a disgrace and it is “barely tolerable to watch him, with his smug, sort of self-satisfied approach, where he gets to decide what is or isn’t applicable to him with respect to the law.”

Farrell points out that Comey has now also invoked Daniel Richman, his professor friend and leak-mate, as his personal attorney, “trying to cover every base so that no one actually asks tough questions of either Comey or Richman.”

Dobbs makes the observation that President Trump was sworn into office on January 20th, 2017, that it’s been 16 months and the ignorance continues. He says, “Truly our government is a captive of a corrupt legal system, a corrupt Justice Department, a corrupt set of judges, a corrupt government deep state and the obstructionism of RINOs and the left and the Dems. And I don’t see it getting better anytime soon. My God, what will we tolerate next?”


Farrell says, “The lesson here, I think, for the President and those that serve him in his inner circle is that it’s now time to fight like hell. This kind of sitting back and letting it play out and letting all of these characters kind of run the tables, make their various declarations, moving the ball – look, this is not really a legal investigation. This is a slow-motion political coup that’s being carried out by legal processes.”

Dobbs agrees, with the two discussing the politically motivated decisions by the judge in the Manafort case, contorted and favoring the deep state witch hunt, as more evidence that the situation is not getting any better and corruption permeates all of the federal government. Dobbs notes, “We have a corrupt leadership in Congress that is doing the bidding of their billionaire masters and corporatists and the elite establishment.”

He asks, “How do we break out of this?” Farrell replies that “the President and his inner circle need to go on offense and that means that Rosenstein needs to be talked to in a way that it’s clear to him that the jig is up” and that the Mueller investigation needs to be shut down “and not be terribly politic about it because no one’s being that way towards the President.”

Dobbs asks, “How close are we to that inflection point in which the American people say, ‘the Hell with it. We know that we can’t get a fair trial,” blaming the left-wing media for enabling and orchestrating the situation taking place.

Farrell spells it out once again, “This is a political process masquerading as a legal process. These are people, as you’ve mentioned, the establishment and the sort of embedded political operatives who are dedicated to making sure there is no second term for President Trump.”

After criticizing the passive and feckless nature of the Trump legal team, Dobbs asks how quickly President Trump can turn things around. The answer from Farrell is not new, saying, “He can do it with a thanks very much, I’m doing this anyway decision.”

He says President Trump “needs to make a political calculation about a legal question, and that’s politics and the law do not line up one for one. And so he has to make a calculus and say ‘Look, I understand the legal exposure, that’s fine. Damn it, I’m going this way anyway.”


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