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By Rick Wells

Fitton and Dobbs discuss Obama’s Logan Act crimes with Canada’s Trudeau and others as well as Gowdy’s siding with Mueller and the silence on Pakistani Awan spy…

 Lou Dobbs begins the segment with Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch by revealing that Hussein Obama has been operating against President Trump on a more deliberate, Logan Act violating international basis, ever since he defeated both Obama and Clinton in the 2016 election.
Video below

Dobbs notes that the Obama efforts to formulate and operate a shadow government have been exposed by one of Obama’s own cronies, his official fairy tale fabricator, creative writer Ben Rhodes. In a new book Rhodes reveals the Obama efforts with Canadian Prime Minister and bromance partner Justin Trudeau and other international leaders in the wake of the globalist Democrat defeat.

Dobbs explains that Obama urged those leaders “to fight against President Trump and to defend the values that they share” and asks Tom Fitton, “Is that not illegal?”

Fitton replies, “According to the Obama gang, who targeted General Flynn with a Logan Act potential violation, I don’t know why it wouldn’t apply to [pretend] president Obama. Certainly undermining the government of the United States by working with foreign government leaders is the very basis of the Logan Act or what the Logan Act is designed to prohibit,” noting the hypocrisy of the ambush of General Flynn, alleging false Logan Act violations as Obama is in reality doing that very thing.

Dobbs is seething as he describes the despicable left parsing words to cover their misdeeds and mischaracterize the spying that was being done by the Obama regime on President Trump and the “rationalization of inexcusable illegal conduct.” Fitton says the spying operation may not have ended with the campaign and that it looks to him as if it was targeted “not only at candidate Trump but at President Trump.”

As Dobbs bemoans the absurdity that the legitimacy of such treasonous conduct is even being discussed, Fitton interjects, “And having to argue with Republicans in Congress who are pretending that it was perfectly normal. It was the height of illegality in my view, for this to have gone on and we’ve got a bunch of water carriers in the Republican caucus for Mueller and the deep state.”

Dobbs says, “And I’m naming names here, I’m through with it. I mean Trey Gowdy is a complete schizophrenic.  He is absolutely in the service of the establishment [endorsed Rubio for President] and the deep state, whether intentionally, consciously, or purposefully. He is exactly that. And I am delighted that Congressman Ron DeSantis and a handful of others have stood up and called him out, calling his rationalization of putting a spy in the Trump campaign absolute balderdash.”

Fitton replies with a small big picture evaluation, one that assigns motives to Gowdy that don’t reach all the way to Obama, Soros and the globalist takeover. He says, “For Congressman Gowdy it’s all been about protecting Robert Mueller. And Gowdy, I think, understands that Spygate goes to the heart of the Mueller operation in terms of destroying its credibility.”

“That’s why he’s making excuses,” says Fitton, “because he knows that by making excuses for Spygate he’s helping Mueller, who he supports, unbelievably.”

The topic then shifts to another story that could and should on it’s own be enough to bring down the criminal, anti-American Democrat Party, that of the Imran Awan Pakistani espionage case. It was made possible by forty Democrats in the House of Representatives, under the DNC “leadership” of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, with compromised systems including members of the Intelligence, Oversight and Reform, Homeland Security and Judiciary Committees. It’s largely been ignored by the mainstream media, Congress and law enforcement despite the mountain of evidence and the primary perpetrators, Imran Awan and his wife, being in federal custody.

Fitton points out there were instances for months at a time where the supposed “IT services” were engaged in directly from Pakistan. Fitton notes, “We hear the Russians hacked the DNC and Democrat servers, were the Pakistanis doing the same thing? Is Mueller investigating this? I doubt it.”


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